Stress coping strategies

None of these coping strategies are new. They are common sense techniques for reducing stress that we all know, but sometimes like to be reminded of. Circle the ones you'd like to remember. Add your own to the list.

  • Take deep slow breaths often, especially while on the phone, in the car, or waiting for something or someone. Use this time to relax and revitalize yourself.
  • Remember, it takes less energy to get an unpleasant task done "right now," than to worry about it all day.
  • Take time to be with nature, nourishing people, music, and children. Even in cities, the sky, seasonal changes, and noticing people's faces, can be refreshing.
  • Learn a variety of relaxation techniques and practice at least one regularly.
  • Organize your life including time for fun, spontaneity, and quiet time. Set a realistic schedule allowing some transition time between activities. Eliminate unnecessary commitments.
  • If your schedule is busy, prioritize your activities and do the most important ones first.
  • Monitor your intake of sugar, salt, caffeine, and alcohol.
  • Exercise regularly!
  • Create and maintain a personal support system--people you can talk to under stress.
  • Remember to stop and smell the flowers!