Note taking program for DSS students

What DSS students need to know

  • Students with disabilities may contact the DSS coordinator about receiving note taking accommodations. For more information, contact Geoff Brown, DSS coordinator.

How do I get lecture notes?

  • At the beginning of each term students who are eligible for the note taking accommodation will be e-mailed and asked if they would like notes. It is the student's responsibility to let the DSS office know which classes they will need notes for. Notes are e-mailed to you twice weekly, or you may pick up your notes, hard copy, at the LWC. Notes will be e-mailed unless otherwise indicated. Please speak with the note taking coordinator on your preference.

How is my note taker determined?

  • Each semester, a handful of students are chosen to be a note taker by the note taking coordinator. This coordinator pulls from the student community at Saint Martin's University to fill the note taker position. This position is based entirely on need. For example, if student A is taking five classes but only needs notes for two, then only those two classes will have a note taker. Please let the note taking coordinator know as soon as possible which courses you require notes for.

Do I have any responsibilities as a student receiving notes?

  • YES. Although the note takers receive training from DSS, it is up to you to determine whether the quality of notes are effective for you. If the notes are not helpful, they are sloppy, you cannot read them, or if they are not consistent, please let the note taking coordinator know as soon as possible. Although you have a note taker as an accommodation, you need to attend classes and actively take notes.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my notes?