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Did you know?

  • Of the top 10 technology states in the US, Washington State is number two in the number of engineers it hires. However, most of these engineers are imported from other states or countries.  More engineers need to be trained locally to take these jobs.
  • There is not enough capacity in Washington's public universities to accept all the qualified students who want to become engineers.
  • In Washington state, 21,000 trained workers will be needed to fill aviation jobs in the next decade.   Saint Martin’s is poised to train engineers for these jobs.
  • Saint Martin’s 65-year-old School of Engineering is the only civil and mechanical engineering program to offer baccalaureate and graduate degrees in the south Puget Sound, without requiring students to transfer to out-of-state schools.
  • The new engineering building will allow Saint Martin’s to almost double enrollment in its School of Engineering in five years.
  • This fall we have the largest number of first-year engineering students, compared to the past decade, comprising 19% of first-year students.
  • Saint Martin’s engineering program, that allows students to earn a baccalaureate and graduate degree in five years for civil or mechanical engineering, is faster than the other local engineering programs where students have to transfer to other schools to earn these degrees.
  • The first two years of the engineering program at Saint Martin’s are aligned with local community colleges so students may transfer in as juniors, making an engineering degree more affordable.
  • 24% of Saint Martin’s engineering students are from Pierce County. They transfer from Pierce College, Tacoma Community College and Pacific Lutheran University.
  • The new Boeing 737 max to be built in Renton will require engineers from the South Puget Sound.
  • Besides Boeing, there are many public and private employers in Washington that need engineers, including the US Army, Weyerhaeuser, PACCAR, the State Department of Transportation, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, the Port of Seattle, TransAlta, Puget Sound Energy, Tacoma Power, public works, and many private engineering firms.
  • Several Saint Martin’s alumni have gone on to start local engineering firms that have provided jobs and strengthened the local economy.
  • Engineering students at Saint Martin’s learn to incorporate Benedictine values, such as service, to make the world a better place.