Faculty and staff directory

To reach the operator from off campus please dial 360-491-4700.

For a recorded message regarding University closure or delay please dial 360-486-8899.

Telephone work order: help@stmartin.edu
Key requests: http://smc.stmartin.edu/its/ITS_Forms/key_request.htm

Last name First name Title Dept./​Division Room number Email address Phone
Abbot Adrian Parcher ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Abbot Neal Roth The Abbot Abbey Monastery THEABBOT @stmartin.edu 360-491-4700
Adams Ann Associate Dean of Students and Director of Career Development Career Development OM 257 aadams @stmartin.edu 360-486-8842
Alexandre Sandra Accounts Payable Specialist Finance Office OM 316 salexandre  @stmartin.edu 360-688-2453
Allen Dr. Kathleen Associate Professor Education OM 471 kallen @stmartin.edu 360-438-4501
Amende Dr. Bonnie Associate Professor Mathematics OM 413 BAmende @stmartin.edu 360-438-4550
Anderson Julie Financial Aid Coordinator - Workstudy Student Financial Services OM 250 janderson @stmartin.edu 360-486-8866
Anderson Serin Electronics Services Librarian Reference O'Grady Library SAnderson @stmartin.edu 360-486-8813
Archibald Dr. Olivia Professor English O'Grady U3 oarchibald @stmartin.edu 360-438-4357
Armer Gina Assistant Professor Business & Economics OM 371 GArmer @stmartin.edu 360-438-4361
Arroyo Cruz Director Extension Programs Ft. Lewis carroyo @stmartin.edu 253-964-4688
Artime Tiffany Assistant Professor Psychology OM 337 tartime @stmartin.edu 360-412-6101
Axtell Dr. Darrell Associate Professor Chemistry/Natural Sciences OM 102-A daxtell @stmartin.edu 360-438-4313
Baldovin Janna Advancement Services Financial Manager Office of Institutional Advancement OM 214 jbaldovin​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8873
Baldovin Laura Payroll Administrator / Reports Analyst Finance Office OM 316 LBaldovin​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2451
Barnes Dr. Brian Assistant Professor History OM 300 BBarnes​ @stmartin.edu 360-438-4325
Barnes Faye Placement Officer Education OM 476 fbarnes​ @stmartin.edu 360-438-4530
Barosky Dr. Todd Assistant Professor English OM 364 tbarosky​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6153
Beckwith Carole Ann General Manager Bon Appétit OM 171 caroleann.​beckwith​@stmartin.edu 360-923-8797
Beer Dr. Richard Dean School of Business OM 379 JRBeer​@stmartin.edu 360-923-8784
Bellevue Gordon Lab Instructor Physics OM 110 gbellevue​@stmartin.edu
Berney Jan Director Office of Counseling and Wellness Services Lynch jberney​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4371
Bingaman Dr. Diane Assistant Professor Accounting OM 367 DBingaman​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4331
Birkenstein Dr. Jeff Associate Professor English OM 347 jbirkenstein​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8846
Bobadilla Carlos Custodian Custodial Zaverl CBobadilla​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Bockman Burke Assistant Track & Field Coach Athletics Charneski Recreation Center bbockman @stmartin.edu 360-486-8852
Bode Dr. Robert Assistant Professor College of Arts and Sciences OM 405 RBode​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4384
Bookstore Manager Bookstore Bookstore 360-438-4394
Born Darrell Music and Choral Director - Associate Professor Music/Fine Arts Kreielsheimer dborn​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4506
Bornasal Dr. Floraliza Assistant Professor Civil Engineering 203B Fbornasal @stmartin.edu 360-688-2754
Bourgault Deanna Director of Annual Giving Office of Institutional Advancement OM 214 Deanna.Bourgault​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4586
Brandt Sandra Administrative Assistant MAC Program OM 412 sbrandt​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4560
Brewer Jim Head Coach, Cross Country, Track and Field Athletics Pavilion jbrewer​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8853
Br. Aelred Woodard ***** Abbey Monastery br_aelred​@stmartin.edu 360-491-4700
Br. Bede Nicol Office Assistant to the Abbot Abbey Monastery br_bede​@stmartin.edu 360-491-4700
Br. Boniface Lazzari Associate Professor World Languages OM 339 Via
tmcduffy @stmartin.edu
Br. Edmund Ebbers Oblate Director Abbey Monastery br_edmund​@stmartin.edu 360-491-4700
Br. Lawrence Vogel ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Br. Luke Devine ***** Abbey Monastery br_luke​@stmartin.edu 360-491-4700
Br. Mark Bonneville ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Br. Nicolaus Wilson ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Br. Ramon Newell Manager Mail Room/​Post Office OM 177 br_ramon​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8840
Br. Theodore Vavrek ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Br. Vincent Francis ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Brown Geoffrey Disability Support Services Coordinator Center for Learning, Writing & Advising O'Grady Library GBrown​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4580
Bugyis Dr. Katie Assistant Professor Religious Studies OM 366 kbugyis @stmartin.edu Phone
Bullinger Neal Director of Data Center Integrated Technology Services O'Grady Library nbullinger​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8816
Burden Renee Program Specialist Extension Programs Fort Lewis rburden​@stmartin.edu 253-964-4688
Burns Brenda Study Abroad Coordinator Office of the Provost OM 427 bburns​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4521
Butler Dr. Michael Associate Professor Psychology OM 301 mbutler​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4355
Carson Marki Creative Director Marketing and Communications OM 201 mcarson​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8857
Carter Dr. Candice Associate Dean College of Education & Counseling Psychology OM 475 ccarter @stmartin.edu 360-688-2762
Casillas Dr. Rex Associate Professor History and Political Science OM 303 casillas​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4347
Chan Genevieve Vice President Marketing and Communications OM 201E gchan​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4332
Chapman Catherine Library Associate-Monographs Technical Services O'Grady Library Cchapman​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8822
Chavez Dr. Julia Assistant Professor English OM 312A jchavez​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6132
Cheek Philip Construction Project Coordinator Facilities Zaverl philip.cheek​@stmartin.edu 360-239-5639
Chen Dr. Huabin Professor, Director of Technology in Education Program Education OM 468 hchen​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4344
Christy Toni Visitor Information Center Office Manager Public Safety OM 251 tchristy​@stmartin.edu 360-491-4700
Cleary Casey International Student Advisor & Admissions Counselor Office of International Programs and Development OM 430 ccleary​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4380
Coby Dr. Aaron Associate Professor / Associate Dean Biology / College of Arts and Sciences OM 331 ACoby​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8867
Conant Dr. Don MBA Director, Assistant Professor School of Business OM 376 dconant​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2756
Counseling Center Counseling and Wellness Services Lynch 360-412-6123
Craig Shawna Custodian, Shift Lead Custodial Zaverl SCraig​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Davis Greg Associate Vice President-CIO ITS O'Grady Library GDavis @stmartin.edu 360-923-9772
DeBow Deborah Director Learning, Writing & Advising Center O'Grady Library ddebow @stmartin.edu 360-438-4570
De La Cruz Dr. Sonia Assistant Professor Communications Studies O'Grady Library sdelacruz @stmartin.edu 360-438-4558
Desilets Orion Maintenance, Operations Assistant Event Services Pavilion/​NWCC odesilets​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Desilets Rebecca Custodian Custodial Zaverl rdesilets​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Dinh Dr. Tam Assistant Professor/BSW Field Education Director Social Work and Community Services OM 328 tdinh @stmartin.edu 360-412-6150
Donahoo Mary Applications Administrator MIS 5500 Pacific mdonahoo​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2226
Duan Dr. Shawn Professor - Chair Mechanical Engineering Cebula 103 A SDuan​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2745
Duffin Dr. Andrew Visiting Professor History and Political Science OM 319 ADuffin​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4406
Dvorak Dr. Radana Dean Extended Learning OM 438 rdvorak​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6141
Dwyer Jonathan B. Director of Campus Ministry Campus Ministry OM 201F JDwyer​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6152
Dwyer Margaret Media Relations Manager Marketing and Communications OM 201 MDwyer​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6126
Edmundson Katrina Custodian Shift Lead Custodial Zaverl KEdmundson​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Ellis Dr. Godfrey Professor, Chair Leadership and Counseling Psychology MAC Program OM 412 gellis​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4560
Espiritu Jeremiah Custodian Custodial Services Zaverl JEspiritu​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Falco Diana Associate Professor Criminal Justice/Society & Social Justice OM 333 dfalco @stmartin.edu 360-438-4588
Fr. Alfred Hulscher Prior Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Fr. Bede Classick Treasurer Abbey OM 261 fr_bede​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4392
Fr. Clement Pangratz ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Fr. David Pratt Assistant Professor Philosophy OM 373 David.Pratt​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4309
Fr. Edward Receconi Abbey Monastery fr_edward​@stmartin.edu 360-491-4700
Fr. George Seidel Professor, Chair Philosophy OM 373 GSEIDEL​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4416
Fr. Gerard Kirsch Assistant Professor History OM 313 fr_gerard​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4349
Fr. Hugo Lungu ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Fr. Justin McCreedy ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Fr. Kilian Malvey Professor Religious Studies/​English OM 361 fr_kilian​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4342
Fr. Marion Nguyen Benedictine Insititue Institutional Advancement OM 214 fr_marion
Fr. Paul Weckert Guesthouse Master Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Fr. Peter Tynan Chaplain and Archivist Special Collections O'Grady Library Fr_Peter​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8828
Fr. Stephen Rowan Dean College of Arts and Sciences OM 329 stephen.rowan
Fr. Thaddaeus Arledge ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Fr. Timothy Lamm ***** Abbey Monastery None 360-491-4700
Foster Sceni Office Manager Event Services NWCC Sfoster​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4488
Fox Dr. Samuel Assistant Professor Biology OM 401C sfox
Fraser Wendy Assistant Professor School of Business OM 370 wfraser
Frederick Trevor Certifications Officer College of Education and Counseling Psychology OM 475 tfrederick​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4362
Garland Ken Supervisor, Grounds/​Head Baseball Coach Maintenance Zaverl kgarland​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4399
Garrido Mercedes JBLM/McChord Field Campus Coordinator McChord Distance Learning Center McChord MGarrido​@stmartin.edu 253-584-3533
Gendelman Dr. Irina Associate Professor of Communication / Instructional Designer Society and Social Justice O'Grady Library igendelman​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8826
Goings Dr. Aaron  Assistant Professor History OM 311 agoings​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4346
Gordon Caitlin Transfer Admissions Counselor Admissions OM 256 CGordon​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4594
Gorzelsky Stefanie Circulation Manager Circulation O'Grady Library sgorzelsky
Gregor Christopher Assistant Athletic Director for Internal Operations Athletics Pavilion cgregor​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4510
Grisham Bob Athletic Director Athletics Pavilion/​NWCC bgrisham​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4368
Grob Dr. Heather Associate Professor School of Business OM 369 hgrob​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4292
Grosso Michael Director - Financial Aid Student Financial Services - Financial Aid OM 250 Michael.Grosso​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8868
Grover John Custodian Custodial Zaverl JGrover​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Guerci Jim Director of Alumni Relations Office of Institutional Advancement OM 214 jguerci
Guevara Marie (Peggy) Laboratory Manager Natural Sciences OM 110B mguevara
Guttman Anne Custodian Shift Lead Custodial Zaverl aguttman​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Guyer Tanaa Assistant Director - Student Accounts Student Financial Services - Student Accounts OM 250 tguyer​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4297
Hall Joyce Library Assistant II Circulation O'Grady Library jhall​
Hamilton Diane Assistant Professor Nursing OM 349 dhamilton
Hampton Sarah Executive Assistant to the Provost / Vice President of Academic Affairs Office of the Provost OM 269 shampton​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4310
Handstad Sonja Abbey Accountant Abbey OM 263 SHandstad​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4386
Harrison Scot Dean of the Library Library O'Grady Library sharrison​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2250
Hartman Dr. Mary Jo Associate Professor Biology OM 403 mhartman​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4452
Hashimoto Dr. Fumie Professor Education OM 463 fhashimoto​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4330
Hauhart Dr. Robert Professor Society and Social Justice OM 315 rhauhart​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4525
Healy Tim Assistant Professor/​Chair PE Program Physical Education Pavilion/​NWCC thealy​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4369
Heltsley Susan Vice President Finance OM 206 SHeltsley​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4534
Hennessy Jessica Director, Campus Life Campus Life TUB jhennessy
Heynderickx Dr. Roy President Office of the President OM 269 president​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4307
Hill Dr. Belinda Associate Professor Education OM 473 belinda​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4315
Hlavsa David Professor/Director Theater/Interdisciplinary Studies OM 343 dhlavsa​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4345
Holsinger-Fuchs Dr. Pamela Dean of Enrollment Admissions OM 256 pholsingerfuchs
Hoon Dr. Parakh Assistant Professor History & Political Science OM 333A phoon
Hopkins John Associate Dean of Students Service & Diversity Initiatives OM 312 JHopkins​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8847
Igharo Dr. Pius Chair/​Associate Professor Civil Engineering Cebula 203E pigharo​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2751
Jackson Karen Accounts Payable/ Procurement Specialist Finance OM 316 kjackson​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2452
Jacobs Carla Program Manager Extension Programs Centralia College cjacobs​@stmartin.edu 360-736-9391, ext. 414
Jerome Spencer Admissions Outreach Coordinator Admissions OM 256 SJerome​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8117
Johnson Cynthia Associate Vice President/Title IX Coordinator Office of Human Resources OM 221 CJohnson​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8131
Johnston Ahern Maintenance Technician Maintenance Zaverl Ahern.Johnston​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4399
Joseph Douglas Maintenance Specialist-Plumber Maintenance Zaverl DJoseph​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4399
Jung Dr. Han Soo (Isaac) Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering Cebula 103F HSJUNG​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2740
Kaplan Dr. Louise Associate Professor/Director Nursing Program OM 349 LKaplan​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6129
Kayij-Wint Kaj Assistant Professor MAC Program OM 419 Kaj.KayijWint
Kelly Fiona Business Analyst Management Information Systems OM 213 fkelly
Kendall Garrett Maintenance Technician Maintenance Zaverl gkendall​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4399
Kilmer Dr. Jason Substance Abuse Prevention Program Coordinator Counseling and Wellness Services OM 203 jkilmer​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4513
Kinderman Dr. Kathy Visiting Professor - Nursing College of Arts and Sciences OM 349 A KKinderman​@stmartin.edu
Kirkland Linda Computer Program Application Specialist Management Information Systems OM 213 lkirkland​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2235
Klemmer Elke Custodian Event Services Pavilion eklemmer​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4488
Kogan Dr. Victor Professor / Chair Criminal Justice/​Sociology/Society and Social Justice OM 307 vkogan​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4348
Kuroiwa-Lewis Dr. Nathalie Associate Professor / Director English / Writing Center O’Grady L3 NKuroiwaLewis​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4533
Langill Dr. Richard Professor History/​Political Science OM 333 rlangill​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4588
Larson Mary Computer Program Application Specialist Management Information Systems OM 213 mlarson​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2236
Lauritsen Susan Custodian Custodial Zaverl SLauritsen​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Lew Carl Web Manager Marketing and Communications OM 201 clew​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4461
Leyster Susan Director of Service Immersion Programs Service & Diversity Initiatives OM 203 A/B leysters​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4581
Ligasan Lorelie (Beng) Counselor Counseling and Wellness Services Lynch LLigasan​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4513
Lobdell Megan Sports Information Director Athletics Pavilion/​NWCC mlobdell​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4328
Loebsack Alice Athletic Trainer Athletics Pavilion/​NWCC ALoebsack​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4536
Logan Alyssa Administrative Assistant Student Financial Services - Student Accounts OM 250 alogan​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4389
Long Debbie Assistant Dean Student Financial Services - Student Accounts OM 250 dlong​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4389
Lopez Hopie Executive Assistant to the Dean of the School of Engineering Engineering Cebula 102 hlopez​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2731
Loveless Cecelia Vice President Office of Institutional Advancement OM 214 360-438-6138
Lund Brenda Executive Assistant to the President Office of the President OM 269 blund​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4307
Lundquist JanAi Assistant Athletic Trainer Athletics Athletics JLundquist​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4536
Mahamah Dr. Dintie Professor Civil Engineering Cebula 203A dmahamah​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2755
Maier Linda Assistant Professor Education OM 466 LMaier​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8831
Mailhot Dr. Joe Associate Professor/Chair Mathematics and Computer Science OM 411 jmailhot​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4353
Martin J. David Community Relations & Service Learning Coordinator Office of International Programs and Development OM 430 JDavid.Martin​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6146
Maselli Mary Executive Assistant to the Dean of Student Student Affairs OM 206 mmaselli​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4367
Maxey Bob Compliance and Systems Data Administrator Financial Aid OM 225 bmaxey​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8864
McClain Tim Director Housing and Residence Life Parsons Hall 143 TMcClain​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8856
McDuffy Tiffany Executive Assistant to the Dean College of Arts and Sciences OM 329 tmcduffy
McKain Dr. Kathleen Associate Professor/Chair World Languages OM 363 kmckain​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4337
McPartland Kacie Senior Admissions Counselor Admissions OM 256 kmcpartland​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8121
Mead Dr. Stephen Professor English OM 312b smead​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4336
Meier Andy Catering Director Bon Appétit OM 153 andrew.meier​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4306
Milligan Dr. Greg Associate Professor/Chair Chemistry/Natural Sciences OM 101A gmilligan​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4314
Minton Joscelyn First Year Admissions Coordinator Admissions OM 256 jminton
Moffat Kael Information Literacy Librarian Reference O'Grady Library kmoffat​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2257
Monroe Steve Assistant Director Event Services NWCC SMonroe​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8120
Moore Amanda Program Specialist Athletics Pavilion amoore
Moore Dr. Riley Associate Professor School of Business OM 372 rmoore​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4511
Morgan Jeff Events and Services Specialist - Custodian Event Services Pavillion/NWCC Jeffrey.Morgan​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4488
Mortensen Cherie Health Clinic Manager Student Health Clinic Burton 102 healthcenter​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6160
Motz David Program Coordinator Extension Campus McChord DMotz​@stmartin.edu 253-584-3533
Moyer Andrew Associate Treasurer Abbey Lynch AMoyer​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4578
Myers Cyndy Assistant Director Human Resources OM 221 cmyers​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4502
Nastasi Alyssa Assistant Director Career Development OM 257 Alyssa.Nastasi​@stmartin.edu 360-923-8791
Neill Kimberly Financial Aid Counselor Student Financial Services - Financial Aid OM 250 kneill
Newman Linda Controller Finance OM 316 lnewman​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2450
Newton Dr. Jeremy Assistant Professor Psychology OM 345 jnewton​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6133
Nieto Dr. Leticia Professor MAC Program OM 417 lnieto​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4567
Nixon Jamie Medical Director Student Health Center Burton 102 healthcenter​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6160
Nordquist Jackie Library Associate - Serials Technical Services O'Grady Library Jackie.Nordquist​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2252
Noren Rick Assistant Athletic Director-Transportation and Head Coach-Fastpitch Athletics Pavilion/​NWCC rnoren​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4296
Olney Dr. Margaret Associate Professor Natural Sciences OM 407 molney​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4327
Olson Dr. Jamie Associate Professor English OM 352 jolson​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4302
O'Neill Breezie Assistant Director Office of International Programs and Development OM 430 boneill​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4597
Overdeep Dr. Carol Associate Professor Mathematics Cebula 102B coverdeep​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2662
Overdeep James Technology Support Specialist Integrated Technology Services O'Grady Library joverdeep​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2227
Owensby Annemarie Student Loans/Collection Specialist Student Financial Services - Student Accounts OM 250 AOwensby​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4393
Pak Pyong Custodian Custodial Zaverl PPak​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Parker Dr. Stephen Assistant Professor Physics OM 110A sparker​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4363
Pellerin Robin Program Coordinator Extension Programs Ft. Lewis RPellerin​@stmartin.edu 253-964-4688
Petersen Dr. Cynthia Professor/​Director SED Program Education OM 461 cpetersen​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4549
Peterson Kara Women's Volleyball Coach Athletics Pavillion kpeterson​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4535
Pethia Dana Director, Fundraising Events & Corporate Sponsors Office of Institutional Advancement OM 214 dpethia @stmartin.edu 360-438-4366
Phillips Nicole Executive Assistant to the Dean School of Business OM 379 nicole.phillips​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4512
Picone Dr. Rico Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Cebula 103C RPicone​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2743
Porter Dr. Katherine Associate Professor/ Director Mathematics/Advising OM 409 kporter​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4312
Preston Kim Public Safety Office Public Safety OM 251 kpreston​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4555
Powers Elisabeth Assistant Professor-Visiting School of Business OM 378 epowers​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4373
Pribble Alex Head Men's Basketball Coach Athletics Pavilion/​NWCC APribble​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4551
Price Dr. David Professor Sociology/​Anthropology OM 309 dprice​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4295
Randolph Vernon Maintenance Technician Maintenance Zaverl vrandolph​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4399
Reed Brittany Assistant Director Campus Life TUB breed​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8877
Reilich Dr. Eileen Associate Professor Education OM 469 ereilich​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4418
Richardson Melanie Dean of Students Student Affairs OM 206 mrichardson​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4367
Rieff Amber Administrative Assistant III Center for Learning, Writing & Advising O'Grady Library ARieff​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4569
Ritter Shawn Data Coordinator Education OM 477 sritter @stmartin.edu 360-438-4556
Rodriguez Diane Advisor of Studies for Pre-Majors Learning, Writing & Advising Ctr O'Grady Library drodriguez @stmartin.edu 360-486-8859
Ruymann Michael Event Services Specialist Events Services Pavilion mruymann​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4488
Sacco Janie Residence Director Housing and Residence Life Spangler Hall jsacco​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4546
Saladino Heather Nicole Residence Director Housing and Residence Life Parsons Hall hsaladino​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8875
Santos Gerardo Custodian Custodial Zaverl GSantos​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Joni Schildman Programs Coordinator- Assessment and Compliance Extension Programs Ft. Lewis jschildman
Schnabel Emilie Assistant Director-Coordinator for Campus Visits & Events Admissions OM 256 eschnabel​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4592
Schuler Vanessa Web Content Manager Marketing and Communications OM 203 VSchuler​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8600
Seong Dr. Chun Kyung Professor Civil Engineering Cebula 203F cseong​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2750
Shkurkin Dr. Katya Professor / Director Social Work and Community Services OM 305A kshkurkin​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4385
Shohan Michael ESL Instructor Office of International Programs and Development OM 431 mshohan​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4298
Sidley Matthew Custodian Custodial Zaverl MSidley​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4491
Siera Dr. Maureen Associate Professor/Chair Applied Pedagogy (CECP) Education OM 470 msiera​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4520
Siera Dr. Steve Associate Professor/Interim Dean College of Education & Counseling Psychology OM 476 ssiera​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4589
Simmons Wade Maintenance Technician Maintenance Pavilion/​NWCC wsimmons​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4399
Slaboch Dr. Paul Assistant Professor/Director of MEE Mechanical Engineering Cebula 103D pslaboch​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2742
Sleeper Robin Records Manager Admissions OM 247 rsleeper​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4595
Smalley Dr. Arwyn Associate Professor Natural Sciences OM 103 ASmalley​@stmartin.edu 360-923-8707
Smith Dr. Molly Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs Office of the Provost OM 269 msmith​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4310
Snider Dr. Roger Associate Professor History/​Political Science OM 311 rsnider​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4346
Snow Blaine ESL Instructor International Programs OM 433 bsnow​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4573
Snow Sandi Network Administrator Integrated Technology Services O'Grady Library ssnow​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2230
Stakelin William Assistant Director Public Safety OM 251 wstakelin​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4555
Steiner Dr. Sheila Director of Institutional Assessment Office of Assessment OM 368 SSteiner​@stmartin.edu 360-923-8724
Suter Dr. David Professor Religious Studies OM 366 dsuter​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4360
Taga Lauren Assistant Director Public Safety OM 251 ltaga ​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4555
Tayag Cindy Registrar Office of the Registrar OM 245 ctayag @stmartin.edu 360-438-4356
Tempel David Lab Instructor Chemistry OM 102 dtempel​@stmartin.edu
Thomas Kathleen Executive Assistant Office of International Programs and Development OM 430 Kathleen.Thomas​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4504
Thronson Howard Director Public Safety OM 251 HThronson​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8876
Tietjen Matthew Program Coordinator - Registrar Technology Registrar OM 245 mtietjen @stmartin.edu 360-438-4552
Troyer Doug Technology Support Specialist Integrated Technology Services O'Grady Library dtroyer​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2228
Tulluck Marco Director Office of International Programs and Development OM 430 MTulluck​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4598
Tyler Alan Director Facilities Burton 108 ATyler​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4495
Van Vleet Kim Director of Institutional Research Office of Assessment OM 435 kvanvleet​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6145
Vandergriff Ron Manager Computer Resource & Copy Center OM 350 ronv​ @stmartin.edu 360-438-4518
Vandergriff Ronda Assistant Registrar - Records and Registration Registrar OM 245 rvandergriff​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4356
Walker Robert Director of Soccer Operations Athletics Pavilion rwalker​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4372
Walsh Jill Assistant Professor Civil Engineering 2013C jwalsh @stmartin.edu 360-688-2744
Washko Dr. Frank Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Cebula 103B FWashko​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2753
Weatherholt Bobbi Receptionist Admissions OM 256 bobbi.weatherholt​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4596
Weiss Dr. John Assistant Professor Physics OM 110C jweiss​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6102
Werrett Dr. Ian Associate Professor/Director-Spiritual Life Institute Religious Studies OM 365 iwerrett​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4290
Wigley Annie Help Desk Coordinator Integrated Technology Services O'Grady Library pwigley​@stmartin.edu 360-688-2222
Windisch Dr. Dan Professor/​School Counselor Program Director Education OM 464 dwindisch​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4503
Winstead Dr. Teresa Assistant Professor Sociology/​Anthropology OM 321 twinstead​@stmartin.edu 360-412-6131
Wojke Katie Assistant Vice President Office of Institutional Advancement OM 214 KWojke​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4485
Wright Charles International Student Services Coordinator Office of International Programs and Development OM 430 Charles.Wright​@stmartin.edu 360-486-8862
Yung Josephine Vice President Office of International Programs and Development OM 430 jyung​@stmartin.edu 360-438-4375
Zorn Peggy Associate Professor MAC Program OM 421 peggyzorn​@gmail.com 360-438-4383