As part of Saint Martin’s University’s Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy and website policy, the University requires compliance by members of the University community with all state and federal laws, including copyright laws. Basic copyright law, as well as guidance in using copyrighted materials for personal, educational or research purposes, can be found at the U.S. Copyright Office home page,

Unlike patents and trademarks, works of art, music, literature, scholarship and other creative endeavors no longer must be registered with the federal government to enjoy copyright protection. Since 1978, when revised federal copyright laws took effect, works of a creative nature are automatically protected by copyright from the time they become fixed in a tangible medium, such as a printed book or a recording. The work’s copyright protection lasts for the creator’s life plus 70 years.

Allegations of copyright infringement by Saint Martin’s University computer users that comply with the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Title II — online copyright infringement liability limitation – Section 512(c)(3) will be investigated by the University, and appropriate action taken. Such actions may include suspension of access to online services and other institutional technology services. Saint Martin’s University reserves the right to address or respond to any allegation of copyright infringement received.

Policy on the use of Saint Martin’s University copyright-protected materials:
As a general rule, visitors to the Saint Martin’s University website may print, reproduce and use the information in, and retrieve files containing publications or images from, those website documents that the University expressly grants permission to use, provided:

1. The use is for non-commercial, personal, educational or research purposes only.

2. The user does not modify any information or image.

3. The user includes any copyright notice originally provided in the materials.

If a particular website author places further restrictions on the material, the user must honor those restrictions. In some instances, specific information contents may be copyrighted by others. By using any of this material, the user assumes all risks of copyright infringement and related liability.

Policy on using Saint Martin’s University logos, graphics and web templates

All standard graphics, photographs and text found on the University’s official web pages displaying Saint Martin’s logos and logotypes are copyrighted by Saint Martin’s University. Reproduction or redistribution for commercial use are prohibited without the University’s express written permission.

Web page guidelines and copyrighted templates containing standard graphic elements and formats have been developed to present the Saint Martin’s University identity unmistakably and consistently. Templates used on the website were designed to provide the user with a consistent interface to improve navigation throughout the website. All official web pages – those containing communications from the University’s schools, divisions, departments, offices, library, administrative divisions, extensions and other units and programs of the University – are required to use the University’s web page templates. This is accomplished through the work of the University web assistants. University personnel needing assistance with creating online materials can contact the website manager or assistant for further guidance. To read or review the Saint Martin’s University website policy in its entirety, go to

Use of the Saint Martin’s University logo and logotype for all media applications is set forth in the University’s style guide. For further help, contact the Office of Communication, 360-438-4332.

Notification of claimed infringement under the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act:
If any owner of copyrights believes a Saint Martin’s University user is infringing copyright-protected work, he or she can notify the Office of Communication.

Office of Marketing and Communications
5300 Pacific Ave. SE
Lacey, WA 98503-7500
Telephone: 360-438-4322

Notification of claimed infringements must contain the information required by and otherwise comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, Title II – online copyright infringement liability limitation – Section 512(c). To read the act, go to;