Academic support media

The Learning and Writing Center offers many different media resources for use by students. Below is a listing of the audio and video resources that may be viewed in the Learning and Writing Center. These items are not available for checkout.

Learning and study skills resources:

  • Mastering Goals (DVD)
  • Power Learning: Supercharge Your Study Time (CD-ROM)
  • Strategic Learning (DVD)
  • Stress Management (DVD)
  • Active Listening and Note-Taking (DVD)
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (DVD)
  • Studying and Test-Taking (DVD)
  • Time Management (DVD)
  • Values and Goals (DVD)
  • Dr. Chew's How to Study Part One: Beliefs that make you fail...or succeed
  • Dr. Chew's How to Study Part Two: What students should know about how people learn
  • Dr. Chew's How to Study Part Three: Cognitive principles for organized learning
  • Dr. Chew's How to Study Part Four: Putting principles for learning into practice
  • Dr. Chew's How to Study Part Five: I blew the what?

Reading and writing resources:

  • The Art of Public Speaking (CD-ROM)
  • Avoiding Plagiarism (DVD)
  • Presenting and Communicating Research (DVD)
  • Researching, Reading and Writing (DVD)