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When asked about Saint Martin's these international students had a lot to say.

"I love the campus, there are big trees and a lot of animals. The teachers are kind and very funny, they always have a smile on their face and that makes it fun to go to class everyday. The students here are a lot of fun and very nice."
- Satoko Yamaguchi

"I learned 'don't be afraid' in the English program. When I first came here, I was scared to speak English. I didn't have confidence. I took classes and I got courage. I think I could find my mind. Thanks a lot!" - Anonymous student

"The teachers here are great, I have fun in class and learn a lot. I like being a part of the international club because it gives me a chance to meet with other students, from my home and across the globe. I most of all like the carefree environment, things are relaxed here and it is easy to learn when things are not being shoved down your throat."
- Paul Chen

"At first, I couldn't do listening and speaking in English. I was annoyed about that but now, I can speak and listen in English more than before. I appreciate our teachers teaching English. I learned a lot of things through the ESL program. I noticed that helping each other is very important for people so I try to help the next person." - Anonymous student

"This place is so much fun. I love the people and the teachers, everyone is just so nice. I love all of the activities, like the school dances and the bonfire for spirit week. Where I come from we don't have that stuff."
- Minako Horaguchi

"My teachers are kind and the students that I have met are very friendly. I like the fact that I can relax a bit, and not have a thousand papers to do. I am here to learn more English and about the American lifestyles, I am happy to say that it is working, I learn more every day that I am here."
- Angelica Abad