Saint slang

What we mean when we say...

ASSMU - Associated Students of Saint Martin's University - Your student government! ASSMU offices are located in the Trautman Union Building (TUB) and meetings are held every Thursday at 11 a.m. in the TUB activity room.

The Bell Tower - The campus student-run newspaper.

Board meal credits - Meal credits to use during evening and weekend "all-you-care-to-eat" (AYCE) meals.

Flex cash - Spend like cash on retail items or for AYCE meals at any of the on-campus dining facilities.

Bridge mentor - A leader/peer mentor in the Summer Bridge Program.

CRC - Computer Resource Center.

DSS - Disability Support Services.

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

GNAC - Great Northwest Athletic Conference. The Athletic Conference in which Saint Martin's participates for all sports.

Harned - Harned Hall, Saint Martin's newest academic building. Opened October 2008.

The hill - Old Main and its surrounding areas.

Incipio - Latin for "to begin; commence." Main orientation for all new students.

LWC - The Learning and Writing Center

Marty - The school's mascot; a Roman soldier seen rallying the crowd at various SMU sporting events and activities.

Monk Mail - The SMU on campus mail service, as delivered by Br. Ramon, one of Saint Martin's Abbey's monks.

Non-trads - Non-traditional students. Typically, a non-traditional student is financially independent, did not follow a path directly from high school to the University or has other life responsibilities that, in time of crisis, take precedence over their educational goals. These students may be partnered or single, with or without children, military veterans, or younger students with mature responsibilities.

OII - Office of Intercultural Initiatives.

OIPD - Office of International Programs and Development.

Old Main - The main building on campus that holds the cafeteria, classrooms, Office of Financial Aid, Office of Student Accounts, and various other services for students.

PROS - Programming specialists. The campus life programming board.

RA - Resident assistant.

Saints - Dedicated members of the Saint Martin's community who demonstrate exactly what it means to "Be the Spirit" by working toward peace, passion and purpose.

Saints cash - Money placed on a student ID card that can be used for retail purchase at all on-campus dining facilities.

Self-Service - Self-Service provides SMU students with "anytime, anywhere" access to information services. Use your Self-Service account to browse the institution's course catalog, degree requirements, view specific course offerings for the current year/term, as well as maintain a personal calendar and participate in the campus forum.

Summer Bridge - A ten day transitional program held in July designed to help integrate new freshman into social and academic life at Saint Martin's University.

TUB - Trautman Union Building. The newly rededicated Student Union Building provides students a place to hang out, watch TV, play a game of pool, ping-pong, Xbox, or foosball. The TUB houses the Office of Campus Life and ASSMU.

The Worthington (NWCC) - The Norman Worthington Conference Center. Located along Pacific Avenue, the NWCC is home to the Department of Athletics and provides students with gym facilities as well as space to hold events and activities.

WOW! - Weeks of welcome. These are weeks directly following orientation or the beginning of a new semester that are designed to keep you busy and get you involved. Check the website for updates and activities in this year's weeks of welcome!

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