Saint Martin's University mass notification system

Saint Martin's University has a mass notification system that is capable of alerting the campus community in the event of a campus emergency or health and safety concern.

Saint Martin's has two wide-area emergency broadcast system (WEBS) blue-light towers on campus. Each tower contains an emergency call phone connected directly to Thurston County 9-1-1 and four 40-watt broadcast speakers allowing outdoor notification over a 1,000 foot radius.

The WEBS blue-light phones are located in the Lynch faculty/staff parking lot (D) and along the north shoulder of Baran Drive at the end of the pathway leading from the Jan Halliday Plaza to Baran Drive.

When activated, the system is capable of alerting the campus community using a combination of tones sirens and voice. The mass notification system will only be used by Saint Martin's for emergency notification purposes and periodic testing of the system.

Caution: Please keep in mind Saint Martin's wide-area emergency broadcast system is one of the many forms of communication which may be utilized in an emergency. While we believe this system is effective and efficient, you should not wait for, or rely exclusively on, a WEBS to contact you for appropriate action in response to an emergency. Be aware of your surroundings, and take appropriate action.