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An overview of Saint Martin’s University

Who are we looking for?

Saint Martin’s seeks to build a diverse, hard-working, and highly-engaged fellowship of students. This does not necessarily mean a 4.0 GPA or perfect SAT scores. We seek students who want to build an education around a philosophy of living, not just learning. Saint Martin’s isn’t a place for “wall flowers” or “back-benchers.” You will be expected to challenge yourself with opportunities inside and outside the classroom, to lead and make a difference in our community.

At Saint Martin's, you will find a unique, values-driven education, one that is centered around the 1,500-year-old Benedictine traditions of community, hospitality, service, and stewardship. You will be a part of a community that values open academic inquiry and discussion, that welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds, and that supports one another intellectually, socially, and spiritually.

What do we evaluate?

In evaluating your application, we’ll look first at your academic background and preparation – grades, course selection, writing, and, for first-year applicants, test scores. If you’ve got a couple bumps and bruises along the way academically, don’t worry. We’ll learn all we can about you from your application, contact you if we need more information, and if you’re on an upward path we can admit you. If we think you’ll need a little help to achieve academic success we’ll admit you through our College Achievement Program, which directs a number of support services to you and has proven highly effective in helping students achieve academic success at the college level.

Beyond your academic record, we’re equally interested in what you’ll add to our community outside the classroom. Whether you are an actor, athlete, community organizer, singer or worship leader – we want to see your enthusiasm and dedication to life beyond the books.

First-year students

Saint Martin’s University does not have minimum GPA, SAT or ACT scores for admission. We evaluate each application holistically and take into account all information presented in an application when making a decision, including the rigor of courses, and service and leadership experience.

Learn more about first-year requirements and the application process.

As a guideline, you can use this information about students that enrolled in the fall 2013 first-year class:

  • Middle 50% range unweighted high school GPA: 3.21 to 3.78 (Middle 50% average GPA: 3.51)
  • Middle 50% range SAT – Reading: 470-580
  • (Middle 50% average: 528)
  • Middle 50% range SAT – Math: 480-600
  • (Middle 50% average: 537)
  • Middle 50% range SAT – Writing: 460-570
  • (Middle 50% average: 508)
  • Middle 50% ACT range: 20-25
  • (Middle 50% average: 23)

High school course selection is important in our decision making process. It is recommended that high school applicants complete an academic program that follows this pattern:

English – Four years

At least three years of study should be from college preparatory composition and/or English literature. One year may be satisfied by courses in drama, public speaking, debate, or journalism.

Mathematics – Three years

We recommend college preparatory algebra and geometry. One additional year in advanced mathematics is recommended for students majoring in the sciences, engineering or business.

Science – Three years

We recommend college preparatory science, including one year of a laboratory science. Three years of science with two years of laboratory science are recommended for students majoring in engineering or the sciences.

Social science – Two years

Students might select from history, psychology, political science, economics, sociology, and/or cultural anthropology.

Foreign language – Two years

Any foreign language.

Academic electives – Three years

Advanced study beyond the recommended course pattern.

Additional courses in English, mathematics, laboratory science, and foreign language will strengthen a student’s application for admission. Students who do not fulfill these recommended course patterns may be offered admission with a conditional status.

Transfer students

Saint Martin’s University welcomes transfer students at any stage of their college career. A maximum of 90 semester hours (135 quarter hours) will be accepted toward fulfillment of requirements for a baccalaureate degree. Transfer credits from a two-year accredited college may not exceed 60 semester hours (90 quarter hours). Students are required to complete our General Education Requirements.

Saint Martin’s University does not have minimum GPA requirements for admission. We evaluate each application holistically and take into account all information presented in an application when making a decision.

As a guideline, the middle 50% GPA range for transfer students that enrolled in the fall 2013 class was 2.93 to 3.52 (Middle 50% average transfer GPA: 3.21).

Course selection at your previous institution(s) is important in our decision making process. While we do not have specific course recommendations for admission, successful transfer applicants will have completed an academic-focused program that prepares them for Baccalaureate-level work. To prepare for Saint Martin’s liberal arts-based curriculum, all students should take courses that emphasize writing and critical thinking skills. Students intending to major in the sciences should take both lecture and lab courses in their intended field of studies as well as relevant mathematics courses. Math, chemistry, computer science, and engineering majors will be well served to complete college-level calculus with a B average before transferring.

If you will be transferring in 24 or fewer semester credits (typically two semesters or three quarters of full-time study) you may be required to submit your high school transcript and SAT or ACT scores, particularly if you graduated from high school less than three years from the time you plan to apply for admission as a transfer student. These materials may be evaluated and considered during the review process. Your admission counselor will let you know which specific materials are necessary to complete your application depending upon your individual circumstances.

International students

Saint Martin's University requires TOEFL or IELTS test scores from all international applicants to complete the application process.

Application instructions

Detailed instructions and access to the online application can be found on our application page.

We look forward to reviewing your application and getting to know you.