9th Annual Community Leadership Summit

January 31, 2015

The Community Leadership Summit is a day-long conference for all SMU students. The day includes a keynote address, education sessions, and an informational panel with members of the SMU Board of Trustees. Schedule of events

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BLP is structured in two phases. Phase I is designed for students who are beginning their leadership journey at Saint Martin’s, while Phase II is designed for upper-class student leaders seeking to further develop or retain their leadership roles on campus. All BLP students, regardless of phase, participate in the Annual Community Leadership Summit.

Students participating in BLP Phase I must complete a six-component curriculum facilitated by staff and faculty throughout the campus community.

  • Students are required to take three foundational sessions in faith, reason and service – three of Saint Martin’s core themes. Approximately 90 minutes in length, each session focuses on one value that is related to topic and practice of leadership.
  • Once these foundational sessions are completed, students take three elective sessions, generally 60 to 90 minutes each in length. Sessions focus on developing one’s leadership philosophy and building leadership skills.
  • All BLP participants must attend the Annual Community Leadership Summit, a day-long conference open to any Saint Martin’s student who wants to learn more about leadership.

Although any student can participate in BLP workshops and trainings, all students seeking leadership positions on campus must complete the first phase. Students will be hired or selected for official leadership positions for the next academic year upon successful completion.

These positions include: Associated Students of Saint Martin’s University (ASSMU), Campus Life PROS, Orientation Leaders, Club Presidents, Resident Advisor, Conference Assistants, Residence Housing Council, Campus Ministry Student Leaders, AHANA Orientation Mentors, Summer Bridge, First-Year Seminar, Career Center, and Counseling Center Mentors, and Student Security Officers.

Designed specifically for students who have completed BLP Phase I or who want to continue in their leadership roles on campus, BLP Phase II strengthens students’ leadership skills, enhances their critical reflection and engages them in service-learning activities.

  • BLP Phase II begins with the Annual Community Leadership Summit in February and continues each Thursday, beginning in March and culminating in April.
  • Students participate in five weekly leadership workshops guided by the leadership philosophies of servant-leadership and social justice leadership. Through selected readings and activities, participating students grasp the basic tenets of these philosophical approaches and develop the critical lens to analyze and engage social problems.
  • Once completed, participating students design and implement a service-learning project inspired

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