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Richard Langill

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Richard Langill

International Relations Program (m.)

Department overviewHistory (M., m.)Political science (M., m.) International relations (m.) Social Action Speaker Series

The international relations minor is designed for students who are interested in studying global problems from an interdisciplinary perspective. The minor emphasizes the study of political science, foreign language, history and related fields to provide students with an understanding of contemporary issues. The curriculum provides a broad liberal arts background with strong emphasis on written and oral skills. It further stresses the ability to think critically about global issues and provides a broad understanding of major value questions in the study of international relations.

The minor will provide students with a strong theoretical foundation in international relations as well as opportunities for practical experience that prepares them for careers in teaching, politics, journalism, private non-profit organizations and public service. The curriculum is enhanced by opportunities for internships through the Washington Semester Program, study abroad opportunities, and extracurricular activities like the Model Arab League, International Relations Club, and activities of the International Education Division.

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