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Rex Casillas
Richard Langill
Roger Snider

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Rex Casillas, chair

Political Science Program (M., m.)

Department overviewHistory (M., m.)Political science (M., m.) International relations (m.) Social Action Speaker Series

Political scientists seek to understand the basis of power in society, how that power is organized and exercised, and its impact on people's lives.

Objectives of the major are to:

  • Acquaint the student with the great issues of politics.
  • Analyze alternative approaches to those issues.
  • Develop the student's intelligent and lasting interest in society and politics and provide him or her with an environment for learning active self governance.
  • Service practical needs of students planning a career involving the law, processes, institutions, techniques and social and economic environment of modern governments (areas stressed are law, public administration, the foreign service, journalism and business).
  • Prepare students for graduate study with a view toward teaching and/or research.

Political and social ideas, movements and institutions are incomprehensible without adequate understanding of their history. Likewise, the study of history profits from awareness of political and social philosophies, institutions and concerns.

The political science major provides students with a mature understanding of politics and history. The department offers coursework in a program integrating history and political science. While students can elect either a history or political science degree, substantial coursework is required in both disciplines for departmental majors.

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