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Kyu Lee

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Joseph Mailhot, chair

Computer Science Program (M., m.)

Department overviewMathematics (M.)Computer science (M., m.)

The computer science program provides students with the education and training needed for careers in software development, testing, systems analysis and database applications development. The program also provides a solid base for those graduates who plan to seek an advanced degree in the field.

In the midst of a rich liberal arts curriculum, the computer science program is designed to meet the needs of industry. As such, it continuously reshapes itself with the advancement of Information Technology. Areas of focus include Software Engineering, Software Testing, E-Commerce and C# programming.

The program offers a firm foundation in the fundamentals of Computer Science plus a balance treatment of the key topics mentioned above.

The program provides:

  • A rigorous educational environment in which faculty members work closely with their students.
  • Quality computer facilities.
  • Small classes, enabling students to receive individual attention from faculty members.
  • Necessary class, library, computer and study environment to support the program.
  • A strong liberal arts component that broadens career options and the possibility of professional advancement.

The in-class portion of the program is supplemented by hands-on experience in the University's computer labs and an optional internship. During their senior year, all students are required to apply what they have learned by creating a significant software product under the supervision of a Computer Science faculty member.

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