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Alumni biographies

Andrea Raincrow-Chisholm, MN, RN
Endoscopy Manager, Gastroenterology Associates
(BSN '92)

After completing her BSN at Saint Martin's University, Andrea earned her MN at the University of Washington in 2009. Ms. Raincrow-Chisholm has many reasons she enjoyed her time at Saint Martin's. "The curriculum offered was flexible enough to allow me to work and raise my family. The program educators were not only excellent but supportive and accessible in assisting me to achieve my academic goals. Finally, the learning environment appealed to me; small classroom sizes, lively discussions with colleagues and aesthetically and spiritually pleasing surroundings."


Theresa Stabnow, BSN, RN
Clinical Manager, Gastroenterology Associates
(BSN '99)

Theresa Stabnow is a Clinical Manager with Gastroenterology Associates in Olympia, WA. What she enjoyed most about her time in the program was the benefit of small class sizes and getting to know teachers and fellow students on a personal level. Furthermore, a diverse student body gave Theresa more perspective into other cultures. She had the opportunity to be a nursing supervisor and then clinical manager for a GI practice. "Nursing leadership classes at Saint Martin's clearly helped me as I learned and continued to grow in these roles." She also comments: "You never stop learning. SMU provides an educational experience that allows you to expand your knowledge and ways of thinking that will enhance you as a person and in  your career."


Jacqueline Johnson, MPA, RN
Practice Administrator, Gastroenterology Associates
(BSN '96)

Jackie is currently the Practice Administrator with Gastroenterology Associates in Olympia, WA. Being a nurse prior to going into administration was a huge benefit. Ms. Johnson feels she has a better understanding of patients and what they go through, as well as a better understanding of the health care system, procedures, and treatments. This combined experience allows her to be a better administrator. Jackie and fellow SMU alumni Andrea Raincrow-Chisholm and Theresa Stabnow all work at Gastroenterology Associates. They did not attend classes together at Saint Martin's University. Jackie and Andrea first crossed paths while working at Providence St. Peter Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit. All three attribute their interest in life-long learning, leadership in their community, and ability to move from the patient's side to administrative roles in their jobs to the strong foundation from Saint Martin's University.


Lynn Okita, MSN, ARNP
Private Practitioner, Adult Primary Care
(BSN '93)

After obtaining her BSN from Saint Martin's, Ms. Okita earned a MSN degree from Pacific Lutheran University and in '07 she completed the nurse practitioner program at Duke University. Lynn opened her own private practice in June 2011 in Olympia. At the time, she decided: "I'm 54 years old. If I'm going into business for myself, now is the time." Lynn's nurse practitioner experience prior to starting her own practice included working in primary care at Madigan Army Medical Center and in a group practice in Olympia.


Chuck Cumiskey, RN,MBA
Nurse Supervisor, Madigan Army Medical Center
(BSN '97)

After earning his BSN degree at Saint Martin's, Mr. Cumiskey graduated from the University of Washington-Tacoma with his MBA. He worked for ten years for the Washington State Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission serving as "an advocate for patients and citizens." He was responsible for issues related to licensing and the practice of registered nurses. He worked with nurses to discuss practice standards and helped them analyze systems that lead to practice breakdown. Chuck is now a nurse supervisor at Madigan Army Medical Center and serves in the Army Reserves.


Rae Simpson, RN, MSN
Director of Behavioral Health Services
Providence Southwest Washington Region
(BSN '96, MSN SMU)

Ms. Simpson earned both her BSN and MSN degrees at Saint Martin's. She was one of the eight graduates of Saint Martin's policy MSN program - a group of alumni referred to as the 'fabulous eight.' "I liked Saint Martin's. It was small and everyone supported each other. We got to know each other really well." In addition, all three of her children have enrolled at SMU. One daughter graduated in 2012 as a theater major and is enrolled at The Evergreen State College in the Master's in Teaching program. Rae's other daughter plans to apply to medical school and become an oncologist. Her son plans to apply to dental school and become an orthodontist.


Diane Hamilton, RN, MN
Clinical Manager, Providence Centralia Hospital
(BSN '91)

After obtaining her BSN from SMU in 1991, Diane earned her MN degree from the University of Washington and has been with the Providence health care system for thirty years. At one point in her career, she directly managed up to 200 nursing staff. Her willingness to learn on-the-job and ability to put knowledge into practice were skills she cultivated through her Saint Martin's educational experience. The SMU value system really helped Ms. Hamilton work in the Critical Care Unit with families who had a wide array of spiritual beliefs and values. She feels that her experience at a faith-based university and course work related to ethics in nursing allowed her to address family needs in a compassionate, caring and respectful manner. "My daughter is an SMU engineering student so I think that says a lot about my SMU recommendation!"


Kathy Kinderman, PhC, MN, RN
Associate Professor, Linfield College
(BSN '99)

After graduating from Saint Martin's University, Kathy earned a MN degree from Washington State University with a focus on nursing education. She immediately was hired at Linfield College where she recently received tenure and promotion to an associate professor. Kathy's passion for education is also demonstrated by her enrollment in a Ph.D. program in education at Capella University. She has almost completed her dissertation and expects to have her degree soon. Kathy's son also graduated from Saint Martin's University with a degree in music and he has been successful in pursuing a professional singing career.

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