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Tam Dinh
Katya Shkurkin

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Katya Shkurkin, director

Community Services Program (M.)

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The community services baccalaureate degree program at Saint Martin's University is an interdisciplinary major within the social science division that prepares graduates for professional work as social workers and other human service practitioners.

Community services graduates are qualified to make significant contributions to the community both personally and professionally. They work in such areas as case management, crisis intervention, public planning, research and development counseling and police work. The program also provides a solid background for pursuing additional education in graduate school in social work, psychology or public administration.

The program combines classroom study and theory with extensive field internships, which give the student an opportunity to practice what they've learned and gain practical experience.

The internship experience provides each student with a sound working knowledge of a variety of social service delivery agencies, exposing the student to the problem-solving techniques of a wide range of such agencies.

Community services interns gain relevant work experience thus reducing the need for prolonged on-the-job training after graduation. Field experience also provides students with a valuable experience of contributing to their community through work in community agencies.

Objectives are to:

  • Increase student knowledge of the social work approach to solving human problems.
  • Help students gain intellectual skills, moral insight and humanistic concepts.
  • Encourage students to develop ethical and analytical thinking essential to professional life in social work, law, foreign service and teaching.
  • Prepare students desiring professional work as social workers and other human service practitioners.

The community services major is offered only at the University's main campus.

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