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Tam Dinh
Katya Shkurkin

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Katya Shkurkin, director

Internship sites - Aids/HIV

Department overviewCommunication studies (M., m.) Community services (M.)Community services and social work internshipsCriminal justice (M., m.)Legal studies (m.)Social justice (m.)Social work (M.)Sociology and Cultural Anthropology (M., m.)Women's studies (m.)Harvie Social Justice Lecture Series

United Community Aids Network
147 Rogers St. NW
Olympia, WA 98503

Supervisor: Suzanne Hidde
Administrative Assistant: Ferol
360-352-1494 (Fax)

Environment and background history: This agency is a small building with a few offices. It started as a grassroots operation to help individuals cope with the deadly disease of AIDS. It is a fully funded operation that provides counseling services, support groups, basic needs supplies, financial assistance and serves as a drop in center for clients to make phone calls and network with volunteers.

Duties and Responsibilities: Interns are involved in client services, fundraising activities, and Communication networking.

Interns will be supervised by the executive director and client services staff. Good experience for students to sharpen their interviewing and listening skills.

The AIDS walk is a fundraising activity in which the intern will have the responsibility of rounding up volunteers and making the community aware of the event. It also involves getting clients to participate in the events.

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