Chinese students perform at the Taste of Culture Outside the Louvre, 2013 Guernica by Pablo Picasso France, 2013


Zhiqi Gao
Br. Boniface V. Lazzari
Kathleen McKain
Chiyo Sanada

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Kathleen McKain, chair

Department of World Languages

Department overviewJapanese (m.)

Learning a world language is an integral part of any liberal arts education. The study of a world language not only opens the door to knowledge and understanding of another culture rich in literature and history, but also can afford a better comprehension of the student's own language and of how languages work in general. In addition, knowledge of a world language is a marketable skill. Knowledge of a world language offers students additional opportunities in an increasingly international market.

The Department of World Languages offers beginning through advanced courses in French, Spanish, and Japanese, and beginning and intermediate courses in Chinese. In addition, the department offers a minor in Japanese.

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