"One Rule, Many Men"

"One Rule, Many Men: The Monks of Saint Martin’s Abbey" is the work of two classes of students who took English Professor Olivia Archibald’s professional and academic writing course in 2006 and 2009. The students were each assigned to interview a monk and to write an essay about him.

Book cover

Stacey Larson (2006) and Katie Hawkins (2009) were the student writers who took the roles of coordinating the writing activities, arranging the material, editing, and other tasks related to the book’s development. Thus, the book is truly a student-led project.

Arranged in three parts: beginnings, decisions, and journeys, "One Rule, Many Men" is full of surprising stories about what led these men to monastic life at Saint Martin’s and what they have experienced along the way.

The book also includes photos from the Abbey and the University’s campus, a glossary of Benedictine and Catholic terms, a timeline of Saint Martin’s history, short bios of the student authors and illustrations of each of the featured monks by Br. Luke Devine. Gorham Printing in Centralia, Washington completed the layout, design and printing.

"One Rule, Many Men" is available at the Saint Martin's University Bookstore.

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