Engineering Ring Ceremony

Saturday, May 12, 2012
11 a.m.
Norman Worthington Conference Center

The Engineering Ring Ceremony, hosted by the Saint Martin's University School of Engineering, is an invitation-only event for engineering graduates, students and their guests. A luncheon immediately follows the ceremony in a large tented area on the campus lawn between Trautman Union Building and Kreielsheimer Hall.

The Engineering Ring Ceremony consists of a short history of the Order of the Engineer, followed by the blessing of the rings and the presentation of the rings. Students then recite the oath of the engineer. 

The engineer's ring is symbolic of the obligations accepted by the wearer, and additionally serves to visibly identify the wearer as an engineer. The ring is worn on the little finger so that it will drag across any surface on which the wearer writes, providing a constant reminder of the engineer's oath.