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Secondary education program

The Saint Martin's University baccalaureate program in secondary education provides graduates with the education and training for advanced study and/or initial teaching certification with a primary endorsement in secondary education (grades 4-12) from the state of Washington.

The University's secondary education program provides:

  • A rigorous educational environment in which faculty members work closely with their students
  • Quality curriculum library and computer facilities
  • A faculty with extensive experience as University educators and in the kindergarten-12 education system
  • Small classes, allowing students to receive individual attention, and
  • Necessary class, library, computer and field experiences to support the University's teacher education programs.

Program outline

An outline of the University's secondary education program (Grades four through 12) is given below. To insure proper sequencing of courses, students planning to enter the program must consult an advisor from the College of Education prior to taking courses at the University.

Additional endorsement*

(0-40 semester hours)
In addition to getting an endorsement in the student's major, at least one additional endorsement is required. Students can earn the additional endorsement either at Saint Martin's University or elsewhere.

General education

(45-51 semester hours)
General requirements are listed in the academic policies and procedures section of the academic catalog.

Certificate endorsement / academic catalogue

  • (30-60 semester hours)
  • Academic majors typically range between 30 and 60 semester hours. Some credits may double as credits for an additional endorsement.
  • Candidates for secondary program verification are required to have an academic major in the area in which they intend to be endorsed. Saint Martin's University is authorized to verify its graduates for teaching endorsements in secondary schools (grades 4-12) in the following academic majors: biology, chemistry, music, English, history, mathematics and social studies.
  • Candidates must have advisors in both the College of Education and Professional Psychology and their academic major.
  • Students completing the secondary education program meet the requirements for a minor in education.

Pre-professional courses

(27-28 semester hours)
ENG 101 College writing I
ENG 102 College writing II
ED 204 Introduction to education
PSY 101 Introduction to psychology
ED 205 or PSY 205 Child and adolescent development
MTH 101 or higher level math course
One speech or acting course
CSC 160 Introduction to computing technology
SOC 396 Intercultural communication
SOC 302 Sex, race and disability

Basic courses

(42-43 semester hours)
Required before student teaching:
ED 300 Competency seminar (optional, may be required for some students)
ED 306 Curriculum and instruction
SED 359 Introduction to exceptionality
ED 360 Classroom management
ED 370 Tests and measurements
ED 371 Education law
ED 383 Issues of abuse/Teacher as counselor
ED 426 Methods of teaching language acquisition
ED 482 Reading assessment and intervention for secondary teachers
ED 484 General methods for secondary teachers
ED 485 Content-area reading for secondary teachers
ED 487 Secondary methods seminar/practicum
ED 496 Student teaching in secondary schools
ED 499 Student teaching seminar: secondary

Other required courses*

(0-9 semester hours)
HIS 326 Pacific northwest history and government (required for history or social studies endorsement)
ED 438 Literature for children and young adults (for English language arts endorsement)
ENG 433 and ENG 306 (for English language arts endorsement)
Other courses as needed for endorsements

* Some credits may be included in the University's general education and/or academic major requirements.