Student Right to Know

In accordance with the Higher Education Act of 1965, you have the right to know certain information about Saint Martin's University including a variety of academic information, financial assistance information, institutional information, information on completion or graduation rates, institutional security policies and crime statistics. As part of our compliance with this regulation, we present the reference chart below. If there are items not included that would be useful, please contact the Office of Admissions at

Your safety: The safety of our students is a priority at Saint Martin's University. This section offers the campus safety report, including crime rates, as well as tips to keep our students secure while they attend the university.
Crime prevention
Crime statistics

Your right to privacy: This section contains information specific to students' rights and protections under the Federal Education Right to Privacy Act, as implemented by Saint Martin's University.
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) information
Financial aid and scholarship Information: Funding educational expenses can be difficult. These links offer valuable options specific to Saint Martin's University as well as general information through federal and institutional publications.
Office of Financial Aid
Financial aid staff
Tuition costs
Refund policy
Withdrawal policy
Title IV repayment policy
Academic progress standards
Loan deferral or cancellation

Academic programs: This section contains information specific to the faculty, instructional personnel and academic programs offered at Saint Martin's University.
Degrees offered
Undergraduate programs
Graduate programs
Faculty homepages
Staff homepages
Accreditation information: As an accredited university, Saint Martin's University has the ability to offer a wide variety of services and opportunities to its students. Here are the organizations that have accredited Saint Martin's University.

Campus facilities: This map of the Saint Martin's University campus allows you to browse physical facilities, buildings and residence halls.
Campus map
Campus tour
Graduation statistics: Find out general statistics about Saint Martin's University, facilities and programs offered.
Please contact the Office of Admissions for data.