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Degree requirements

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For a detailed explanation of all policies, procedures and requirements, students should consult the School of Education Graduate Handbook, ESA students should also consult the ESA-MED handbook, administrator students should also consult the School administrator program and internship handbook.

A total of 32 to 41 credit hours are required for the degree, depending on the strand and exit option chosen.

The MED program has four components that students must complete in order to earn their degree: core requirements, advancement to candidacy, specialization strands and electives, exit options.

Core requirements (11 hours)

MED 601 Educational research methods I (3)
MED 607 Foundations for educational practice (3)
MED 605 Diversity and social context (3)
MED 559 or MED 561
Intro to exceptionality (2) and Instructional strategies for exceptional learners (2)

Advancement to candidacy

A student working toward a Master of Education degree must apply for and be accepted as a degree candidate.

To be a degree candidate, the student must meet the minimum requirements below and the student's advisor must recommend him or her for advancement to candidacy. Students must also submit a signed Application for Admission to Candidacy Form to the School of Education.

  1. Completion of 15 credit hours of graduate study
  2. Good academic standing
  3. Minimum GPA of 3.0
  4. Completion of MED 601 or enrollment in the class during the semester the application is submitted
  5. Formation of the supervisory committee

Specialization strand and electives (18 to 26 hours)

Strand Strand credits Total credits
Advanced teaching and learning 18 32 to 36
    MED 506 Curriculum and instruction (2)
    MED 635
English as a second language / English language learner 18 32 to 36
Guidance and counseling 26 40 o 41
Principal/program administrator 21 35 to 41
Reading literacy 18 32 to 36
Special Education 18 36

Detailed course listings for strands and electives

Exit options (3 to 6 hours)

The MED program offers a thesis or non-thesis option for the completion of the degree. A practicum and successful completion of MED 698 are required for the guidance and counseling strand/ESA Certificate (thesis and non-thesis options). Detailed information about the exit options can be found in the School of Education Graduate Handbook.

Option Credits Brief description
Thesis or Project 3 credit hours Written thesis or project with oral defense.
Non-thesis 3 to 6 credit hours Capstone Course - MED 698: Integrating Theory and Practice in Education (3 credit hours), one additional graduate-level elective course in education for a minimum of 36 allowable credits.

*Effective Fall 2015. Continuously enrolled current students may choose the non-thesis option previously in effect.

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