Let the world see YOUR Saint Martin's!

Do you have a great photo of Saint Martin's? A picture that you'd just love to share with the entire community?

Here's your chance to show it off! You can submit your favorite photos of SMU to our inPictures gallery, and if selected, your photo will run on the home page of www.stmartin.edu for two weeks as our featured photo!

So get to clickin' and send us what you see through your lens.

inPictures Photo Gallery

Photo credit and the date the photo listed is below each entry.

Shakespeare and the society of friends! (Seattle, 2014)
Stephen Mead
View of Hanauma Bay at APA conference (Hawaii, 2013)
Marie Boisvert
Brother Luke Devine and SMU international students volunteering at the Olympia Community Kitchen. (Summer 2013)
Dave Martin
Alum Jamey Gelhar at the base of Mt. Everest
Jamey Gelhar
2013 Saint Martin's Gala with Michael Symon
Steven Herppich
Rooftop garden atop LEED-certified Cebula Hall
Dane Meyer
Old Main stairwell, fourth floor (Chris Benson)
Chris Benson
Sophia Donan and family
Sophia Donan
2013, Globe Theatre, London
Stephen X. Mead