Department liaisons


Contact your librarian to schedule an in-depth research consultation or get help on a research assignment.



Submit requests for book purchases, journal subscriptions, or research instruction to the librarian serving as your department's liaison.


Librarian liaisons

College of arts and sciences

English Scot Harrison (360-486-8808)
Foreign languages Scot Harrison (360-486-8808)
Music Scot Harrison (360-486-8808)
Philosophy Father Peter  (360-486-8828)
Religious studies Father Peter  (360-486-8828)
Theatre Scot Harrison (360-486-8808)
Science and mathematics
Biology Serin Anderson (360-486-8813)
Chemistry Scot Harrison (360-486-8808)
Computer science Scot Harrison (360-486-8808)
Mathematics Scot Harrison (360-486-8808)
Nursing Serin Anderson (360-486-8813)
Physics Scot Harrison (360-486-8808)
Social sciences
Community service Serin Anderson (360-486-8813)
Criminal justice Serin Anderson (360-486-8813)
History Serin Anderson (360-486-8813)
Political science Serin Anderson (360-486-8813)
Psychology Serin Anderson (360-486-8813)
Sociology and anthropology Serin Anderson (360-486-8813)
Social Work Serin Anderson (360-486-8813)
Women's studies Serin Anderson (360-486-8813)


School of business

Accounting, business, and MBA Serin Anderson (360-486-8813)


College of education and professional psychology

Education, MED, and MIT Serin Anderson (360-486-8813)
MAC Serin Anderson (360-486-8813)


College of engineering

Civil, mechanical, and MCE Scot Harrison (360-486-8808)



ESL Scot Harrison (360-486-8808)