Campus life

Program mission statement

The Office of Campus Life creates student learning and development opportunities through innovative programs, meaningful experiences and quality services fostering a positive collegiate community.

Program goals, objectives and outcomes

Students will be provided with a diverse array of programs that increase their social, cultural, multi-cultural, intellectual, recreational, community service, and campus governance involvement.

  • Students will participate in programs or activities that will extend past their previous experiences.
  • Students will develop a sense of who they are; i.e. areas where they excel; areas for future improvement; passions and interests.
  • Through programmatic offerings, students will have a more enjoyable experience and become more socially integrated into Saint Martin's University.

Students will have an increased awareness of campus resources and services to aid student transition and connectedness to Saint Martin’s University through a comprehensive orientation program.

  • New students and families will be familiar with the responsibilities and expectations of life at the University.
  • New students and families will connect with members of the University.
  • Students and families will acquire information about resources and support needed to transition and be successful.

Students will take part in leadership development opportunities that foster personal growth, as well as understanding of leadership theory, and our Benedictine Values.

  • Students will develop their personal values, ethics, and leadership style.
  • Students will increase leadership skills such as teambuilding and problem solving through meaningful engagement programs for student participants and through student participant mentoring.