Campus Ministry

Program mission statement

The Campus Ministry at Saint Martin’s University is committed to accompanying those in our community on their journey of faith. Founded on and continually framed by the rich tradition of Catholic Benedictine spirituality, campus ministry shares in the University’s commitment to honor the sacredness of all. We provide opportunities for students, and all Saint Martin’s communities to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others through the intersection of faith, reason, service and community.

We are the center point where students develop in consciousness and conscience so that they may better comprehend who they are and how they engage in community.

We help students develop a consciousness of their faith life and who their authentic selves are and form their conscience to be more just people.

Program goals, objectives and outcomes

Students will experience service and justice education in light of Catholic social teachings. Students will be able to learn and articulate Catholic social teachings. Students will learn the tenets of Catholic social teachings through lived experience, speakers and workshops. Students will have opportunities to experience, reflect upon and act from a commitment to justice and compassion in light of Catholic social teaching / Benedictine values. Students will learn to develop respect and responsibility for communities (local and global), especially those most in need.

Students will develop their faith. Students will actively practice their faith on campus through liturgies, faith education and community service. Faculty and staff will have opportunities to discuss with students matters of faith and their own relationship to faith. Monks will be an active and consistent presence in the Saint Martin’s community. Every member of the Saint Martin’s community is empowered to put their faith into action on campus.