Extended Learning Division

Program mission statement

Saint Martin’s University extended learning campuses share the University’s overall mission through the use and interaction of the four core themes: faith, reason, and service, and community. The development of these University core themes is intended to promote a balanced extended learning campus environment that welcomes and honors students, staff and faculty of all academic, cultural, and diversity backgrounds by instilling high quality education standards which value intellectual curiosity, pursuit of knowledge, and academic freedom and integrity.

Program goals, objectives and outcomes

Students at our extended learning campuses are provided a promise of:


  • Providing admissions, academic, administrative, and other extended learning system support services to students at four different Extended Learning Campuses.
  • Providing timely GoArmyED, Air Force AI Portal, and Self Service information to military and non-military affiliated students, as well as occasion main campus Lacey students.


  • Providing clear, concise information about degree majors, online programs, financial aid (FINAID), admission/ institutional policies, and procedures, as well as military affiliated communications.
  • Providing students with in-depth information on present and future instruction and service modalities utilized by the extended learning campuses.


  • Adhering to University academic policies, Department of Defense, and host partner academic and non-academic policies and regulations.
  • Understanding the necessity for the extended learning campuses complying with specific administrative pathways to academic success.