Program mission statement

The study of chemistry focuses on how matter is constructed, organized, and functions. The mission of Saint Martin's University chemistry department is to build the chemical foundation necessary to understand chemistry as a varied and central dimension of contemporary life as well as the technical and intellectual skills necessary to facilitate creative problem solving. The department's courses:

  • Lay a foundation of basic history, facts, and theories in chemistry.
  • Provide extensive opportunities for hands-on laboratory experiences to expand knowledge of modern research and instrumentation methods.
  • Employ computers for chemical simulations and computation data acquisition.
  • Build on the writing skills (developed as part of the general education curriculum) to communicate scientific concepts, methodologies, and findings to both technical and non-technical audiences.

In support of the liberal arts tradition of Saint Martin's, the department offers courses for non-majors to introduce them to ideas from chemistry as well as promote an appreciation for the role of scientific inquiry in modern society.

Program goals, objectives and outcomes

Students will be able to:


  • Achieve a basic awareness of current chemistry theory and practice.
  • Attain a basic awareness of the historical development of chemical thought.
  • Expand their knowledge and experience in modern research methods.
  • Extend their knowledge and experience in modern instrumental methods.


  • Develop good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrate the ability to solve chemistry-oriented problems.
  • Demonstrate their ability to manipulate basic laboratory equipment in a variety of laboratory settings.
  • Demonstrate their ability to use computers for chemical simulation and computation data acquisition and database usage.
  • Employ modern methods of "molecular modeling" in the course of their research.
  • Be exposed to library materials and required to utilize library research in their classes and research projects.


  • Be active participants in a continuing program of "outreach" to the campus and the wider community.