Interdisciplinary studies

Program mission statement

The interdisciplinary studies major at Saint Martin’s University exists to further the school’s mission of integrative learning in the Benedictine tradition. By studying multiple approaches to enduring and topical human concerns, our students learn the approaches, lexicons, and methodologies of discrete disciplines; at the same time, such comparative and interdisciplinary exploration encourages awareness of where different disciplines share assumptions and where they construct distinct heuristic processes.

Program goals, objectives and outcomes

The student will:


  • Demonstrate a breadth of knowledge spanning the different disciplines chosen for the major.
  • Demonstrate a broad historical and cultural awareness in at least two different disciplines.
  • Be able to make original connections between the disciplines.


  • Identify, differentiate and use methods of study or investigation from two disciplines.
  • Apply methods of the different disciplines and recognize the impact of applying different methods to a single subject of issue.
  • Master argumentation, organization and communication skills appropriate to the different disciplines Conduct sound research with traditional and electronic resources.
  • Be familiar with and use distinct disciplinary methodologies and modes of inquiry.