Program mission statement

The mission of the music department is to encourage students to explore the value of music in their lives. Students who study music at Saint Martin’s University have the advantage of a strong music program within a liberal arts setting. Courses in music integrate the study of music literature, history and theory with musical performance to develop intellect, familiarity with a variety of cultures, interpersonal relationships and poise.

Program goals, objectives and outcomes

Students will be able to demonstrate:


  • Conceptual understanding of musical components and processes.


  • Achievement of professional, entry-level competence in the area of specialization, including significant technical mastery, capability to produce work and solve professional problems independently, and a coherent set of artistic/intellectual goals which are evident in their work.
  • Ability to communicate musical ideas, concepts, and requirements to professionals and lay persons related to the practice of the major field. Such communication may involve musical, oral, written, and visual media.
  • Competence in creating, interpreting, presenting, analyzing, and evaluating music.


  • Appreciation of music and its role in society.
  • Appreciation of music and its sacred connections.