Francis Iwasawa

SMU board committees

International Programs Adhoc Committee
Audit Committee

Educational background

Georgetown University
Washington University
Saint Martin’s College, 1960
Bachelor of Arts in economics

Francis Iwasawa

Francis Iwasawa is a Japanese citizen born and raised in Yokohama. After graduating high school, he won a Fulbright Scholarship which brought him to the U.S. and to Saint Martin’s College. Subsequent to his studies at Saint Martin’s, he studied international finance at Washington University and Georgetown University.

He is semi-retired as president of Asahi Iwasawa & Associates, a Hong Kong-based business that provides accounting service to Japanese investors and business people with interests in Hong Kong.

He divides his time primarily between Hong Kong and the Olympia area. Iwasawa is proud of being one of the first international Asian students at Saint Martin’s. With interests in the University’s international programs and School of Business, he has served as a guest lecturer for the School of Business at Saint Martin's.