Billing FAQ's

When is payment due for the semester?

Payment is due in full by the first day of the semester or term for which the student is enrolled. Payment arrangements for off site programs running 8 weeks must be in place with our Extension Office or the Student Financial Service Center on the Lacey campus by the first day of the term.

What types of payment are accepted?

Saint Martin's accepts payment by cash, check, money order or traveler's checks in person or by mail. MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards will be accepted online only.

Why did I receive a bill in the mail if I have financial aid that will cover my balance?

Since financial aid is not disbursed to the student's account until sometime after the add/drop period for the current semester, most students will show a balance due during the first statement period. Not all financial aid is disbursed at the same time either, and you will continue to receive a "statement of account" until the account is clear.

When are student paychecks available?

Student paychecks are available on the tenth of each month and are picked up by the student in the Student Financial Service Center. Automatic deposit is recommended and can be set up with the payroll office. Automatic deposit forms are available in our Payroll Office or with Student Financial Services.

When are financial aid refunds available?

Main campus students enrolled in the full 16 week semester expecting a refund from their financial aid will begin seeing aid disbursed to their account around the third week of the semester. Once the student's account is showing a credit balance from the disbursed aid, a refund check will be processed for the following Friday. Refunds are automatically mailed to the address we have on file unless a specific written request to pick it up has been received in Student Financial Services. A refund request and authorization form is required to ensure proper processing of the refund. Forms are available in the Student Financial Service Center or can be downloaded here.

How often do I need to submit the online insurance waiver?

The University requires insurance coverage of all students attending the Lacey campus at least half time. The waiver is good for the entire school year unless the student's insurance company information changes or if they are an international student. All international students are required to have insurance coverage and must provide proof of coverage each semester with the Office of International Programs or will be charged for the University's plan. Waivers for domestic students are submitted online and can be processed here.

What does the technology fee cover? (for some off-site programs)

The technology fee covers all of the technological services offered at the University and allows the University to keep services in this area as updated as possible. It allows for use of the computer center and access to personal e-mail as well as technology services in the library.

What does the activity fee cover?

The activity fee is a mandatory fee for all undergraduate students enrolled on the Lacey campus. The fee covers more than campus activities. It provides the student with an ID card, it covers parking (the University does not charge for parking), and allows for discounts at university functions. More specific information may be obtained from the Office of Residence Life, 360-438-4299.

What does the residential program fee cover?

This fee supports the activities developed by the Office of Residence Life staff for all students residing on campus.

What does the health center fee cover?

The health center fee is a mandatory fee for all undergraduate students enrolled on the Lacey campus. This fee covers the use of the center and access to a medical professional who will be available to all undergraduate students.

What is a 1098T tax form?

The 1098T fax form is a document that reports the 'allowable' charges assessed to a student during a particular calendar year. These charges are tuition and mandatory fees as defined by the federal government. It also includes any grants or scholarships applied to the account during that tax year. Forms are post marked by January 31 of each year.