Tuition refund policy

Spring 2015 - Main campus, Everett extension, Tacoma CC  extension, and extension programs with 16 week sessions from January 12 through May 7, 2015.

Date of drop or withdrawal* Percent of charges dropped
Prior to January 12 100 percent
From January 12 to January 23 100 percent
From January 24 to January 30 75 percent
From January 31 to February 6 50 percent
From February 7 to February 13 25 percent
After February 13 No charges dropped

*The last day to change registration is January 23. This is the last day to have 100 percent of tuition charges dropped.

Refunds are determined by the date the withdrawal or drop form is received in the records office and not the date it is signed by the student and/or advisor or instructor. Please pay close attention to dates and deadlines.


Date of drop or withdrawal Percent of charges dropped
8 - 12 week session
Prior to the first day of the session 100 percent
From 1 through 8 calendar days 100 percent
From 9 through 12 calendar days 50 percent
From 13 through 16 calendar days 25 percent
After 16 calendar days No charges dropped

4 - 6 week session
Prior to and through the first day of session 100 percent
After first day of session through 7 calendar days 50 percent
From 8 through 14 calendar days 25 percent
After 14 calendar days No charges dropped

1 - 3 week session
*Prior to the first day of the session or class meeting 100 percent

*Classes that meet less than four weeks that are not dropped before the first day will have no charges dropped.

Refunds are calculated using the starting dates of each session and not the day individual classes begin.

Tuition Refund Insurance

Tuition Refund Insurance is available for currently enrolled students. With the current level of education costs, we have a concern for the student who suffers a serious illness or accident and has to leave Saint Martin's University before the semester is completed.

Tuition Refund Insurance can help protect your valuable investment with 100% coverage, up to the policy limits, when the student cannot complete the semester due to a covered medical reason. Enrollment in the plan must be completed prior to the first day of the semester you wish to enroll. Check with a Student Financial Service Center representative to clarify dates.

To enroll in the plan, visit or call our Tuition Refund Insurance provider at 877-445-0264.