Repayment starts nine months after exiting the Federal Perkins Loan program. Statements are sent by our Loan Servicer ECSI. If you are a borrower in repayment you may contact ECSI, regarding your account.

If you believe you may qualify for a cancellation, deferment, forbearance or rehabilitation please contact your Loan Servicer. Upon determining your qualification you may acquire the appropriate forms directly from ECSI. Make sure to scroll down the page to find all the forms. You may also obtain those forms from the student loan collection specialist, AnneMarie Owensby directly at 360-438-4393 or at

Loan Consolidation

This is a replacement of multiple loans with a single loan, often with a lower monthly payment and longer repayment period. You will need to include the Federal Perkins Loan; most often this loan is not included unless specified.

Applying for Consolidation:
Telephone: 1-888-799-2474
Frequently asked questions:
Business Hours: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM eastern time, Monday-Friday