College welcomes new chair, members to board of trustees

Monday, November 5, 2001

Lacey, Wash. - Saint Martin's College is pleased to announce the new membership for the 2001-2002 board of trustees.

Gerry Gallagher, a 1983 graduate of Saint Martin's College, will serve a one-year term as the chairman of the board of trustees. Trustee bylaws dictate that members may serve three consecutive three-year terms and then a removal for one year is required. Because Gallagher, who is from Seattle, has been a trustee for the past eight years, he will serve for one year although the term for the position is two.

Mary Gentry, a 1973 graduate of Saint Martin's College and Olympia lawyer, was elected as vice-chairwoman of the board. Gentry recently started her fifth term with the board in 2000. Her previous terms ran from 1979-1982 and 1990-1999.

Father John Scott, O.S.B., was elected again by the College Corporation to serve on the board after the required one-year's hiatus between terms. Scott, who is a professor of history and religious studies at the college, is replacing Brother Edmund Ebbers, O.S.B. Ebbers began a partial term in 1990 and then was elected for three terms.

Francis Iwasawa, a 1960 graduate of Saint Martin's, is a new member to the 28-member board. Trustee bylaws allow for 31 members to serve on the board of trustees. Iwasawa is president of Asahi Iwasawa & Associates (Accountants and Management Consultants) in affiliation with Shinjuku Audit Corporation of Japan. Asahi Iwasawa & Associates is based in Hong Kong, which is where Mr. Iwasawa lives most of the time. He has a second home in Olympia.

Other members of the board of trustees include Abbot Neal Roth, chancellor of the college; David Spangler, president of the college; Trudy Brasell; Lillian Cady; Father Urban Feucht; Thomas Huff; Father Alfred Hulscher; Darrell Jesse; Thomas Kane; Diana Larkin; Brother Boniface Lazzari; Brother Elias Lien; Father Kilian Malvey; Harold Marcus; George Meyer; Kathleen O'Grady; Richard Panowicz Jr.; Ken Parsons; Roland Rants; Richard Roney; Mary Schroeder; James Sims; Hilton Smith; and Robert Stewart.

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