Dean's List for spring 2002 semester

Tuesday, June 20, 2002

Students whose outstanding academic performance at Saint Martin’s College qualifies them for the college’s spring semester Dean’s List are listed below in alphabetical order

To earn the academic honor, undergraduate and teacher certification students must receive a 3.5 grade point average or higher (based on a 4.0 scale), carry at least a 12-semester-hour course load and complete all coursework undertaken each semester. Students who earned a perfect 4.0 (“A”) grade point average for spring semester have a star (*) following their names. Students on the spring semester Dean’s List are:

Name Hometown Year Major
Denise K. Adamson Lacey Sr Computer science
Mia Alexander * Gig Harbor Sr Accounting
Kyle K. Anderson Boise, ID So Social studies
Mandi L. Anderson Enterprise,OR Sr Biology
Dawn M. Andino Olympia Sr Business administration
Elena Andonova Soupie, Macedonia Sr Business administration
Jay J. Andrus Lacey  Sr Soc./cultural anthropology
Katsura Aoki Lakewood Sr Soc./cultural anthropology
Mike A. Ardington * Olympia Jr Biology
Joe L. Arevalo Lacey Jr Business administration
Mary T. Armstrong * Columbus MI Sr Business administration
Ely J. Atienza * Federal Way Sr Computer science
Miriam A. Bakewell Olympia Sr Psychology
Alexander Baldwin Tacoma Fr Business administration
Kalynn N. Bales Carlton OR Fr Special education
Rachael A. Bartell Spanaway Sr Elementary education
Dan J. Bauer Bend, Ore. Sr Accounting
Ronald B. Schlossberg Olympia Sr History
Wayne C. Benjamin Lacey Sr Business administration
Mary E. Bertolani Shelton Sr Community services
Maurita F. Birkland Mansfield Jr Psychology
Thomas B. Black Fort Lewis Sr Mechanical engineering
Steven A. Boedigheimer Decatur GA So History
Danielle L. Bollen Olympia So Education
Elena I. Bolshis Centralia Sr Accounting
Carlos R. Bonilla Lacey Sr Psychology
Joe G. Brandenburg Othello So Biology
Barbara A. Briscoe * Lakewood Sr Psychology
Amber L. Brooks Auburn Sr Criminal justice
Frederick Brown Tacoma Jr Psychology
Jessica H. Brown Yelm Sr Biology
Jonnie B. Brown Moss Fort Lewis Sr Psychology
Karel J. Brumfield * Rochester Sr Elementary education
Amy L. Brunzie Olympia Sr Psychology
Leroy Brush Olympia Sr Political science
John T. Bryan Lacey Sr Political science
Robert Buse Olympia Jr Business administration
Min Young Byerly Olympia Sr Computer science
Dale Cain Lacey Sr Business administration
Richard R. Caldwell Tacoma Sr Criminal justice
Kathleen A. Callaghan Auburn Sr Community services
Will S. Callicoat Jr. Olympia Sr Business administration
Jeremy J. Cannon Tacoma Jr Social studies
Willie K. Carley Lakewood Sr Political science
Jamie L. Carlson Anchorage, AK Sr Criminal justice
Nathan H. Carlson * Pateros Jr Biology
Robert P. Case Olympia Sr Mechanical engineering
Lori S. Chabitch Lacey Sr Biology
Adam L. Chavez Olympia Sr Computer science
Jeff Chen Olympia Jr Business administration
Andrew J. Cheney Lacey Sr Business administration
Yeong M. Choi Tacoma Sr Criminal justice
David C. Churchhill Lacey Sr Civil engineering
Marianne L. Clear * Chehalis Sr Psychology
Rachel F. Connelly Aberdeen Jr History
Jennifer L. Connely * Lacey Sr Business administration
Diana M. Crawford Lacey Sr Criminal justice
Michelle R. Crawford Lacey Jr Jr Business administration
Tifarah F. Cunningham Lakewood Sr Psychology
Katie L. Cutshaw Aberdeen Sr Community services
Rebbecca Dalrymple-Swanson Lacey Sr Business administration
Julie K. Daniels Lacey Sr Elementary education
Sandra V. Davis Olympia Jr Accounting
Marcus L. Deal Jr. * Spanaway Sr Computer science
Amber C. Debrot Lacey Sr Business administration
Michael J. Dekker Rainier Jr Mechanical engineering
Mark A. DeLaurier Oakville Sr English
Mary P. Delisle * University Place Sr Accounting
Gisela L. Demko Olympia Sr Psychology
Catherine M. Dempsey * Lakewood Sr Social studies
Nicole B. Dhranraj Tacoma Fr Psychology
Janet E. Dickerson Rainier Jr Education
Mary M. Dineen Montesano Jr Biology
Angela M. Dirk Lacey So Computer science
Brooke S. Dixon * Olympia Sr Business administration
Vicki A. Dixon Aberdeen Sr Accounting
Robin K. Doubt Lacey Sr Elementary education
Heather S. Dougherty Tacoma Sr Psychology
Brian L. Doyle Lynnwood So History
Julia Eisentrout Olympia So Undeclared
Jason H. Elliott Lacey Sr Business administration
David P. Ellis Lacey Sr Secondary education
Rhonda D. Elston Rainier So Psychology
Alana N. Erickson * Onalaska Sr Elementary education
Schuyler T. Erwin Olympia Sr Community services
Lesley A. Evans Tacoma Sr Mechanical engineering
Kathleen E. Fletcher Puyallup So Business administration
Branden M. Florence Lacey Sr Business administration
David T. Flynn Steilacoom Sr Criminal justice
Jeannie I. Forrester Onalaska Sr Community services
Bo T. Foulks Seattle Sr Business administration
Anna M. Fritz Spanaway Sr Computer science
Francisco P. Guerrero * Lacey Sr Accounting
Deandre L. Garner Olympia Sr Criminal justice
Brenda E. George Lacey Sr Social studies
Louretha L. Glasl Yelm Sr Business administration
Shonda L. Glenn Olympia Sr Elementary education
Amy E. Gloman Lacey Jr Business administration
Aaron A. Goings * Aberdeen Sr Political science
Sunny J. Gold Shelton Jr Business administration
Judith Graham Tacoma Sr Business administration
Andy A. Grandbois Olympia Jr Business administration
Yesim Graves * Tumwater Sr Business administration
Rachel E. Green Olympia Jr Biology
Matthew I. Gruhler Portland, OR. Sr Psychology
Tobin S. Haapala Lilliwaup Sr Political science
Deniese N. Haderman Fort Lewis So Political science
Elysia P. Hagy Fort Lewis Jr Business administration
Lloyd W. Hall  Lacey Fr Business administration
Denise M. Hamilton Tenino Sr Business administration
Melissa B. Hamilton Lacey Sr Criminal justice
Aaron S. Hare Federal Way Sr Business administration
Russell S. Harold Tacoma Sr Biology
Takashi Hashimoto Steilacoom So Social studies
Michael F. Haynes Olympia Sr Business administration
Clinton D. Hays Spanaway Sr Business administration
Jake W. Heck Centralia Sr Biology
Melissa N. Heltsley Puyallup Jr Elementary education
Caroline T. Henry DuPont Sr Accounting
Ethan F. Higson Olympia Jr Biology
Chiaki Hirata Steilacoom So Business administration
Fanci Jo Hofmann Toledo Sr Psychology
Mia J. Holman Lacey Sr Business administration
Aimee C. Holt * Renton Sr Psychology
Anna L. Hubbard * Chehalis Sr Business administration
Kim S. Hughes Centralia Jr Psychology
Reginald C. Isom Lakewood Sr Business administration
Cynthia A. Jacobs Olympia Jr Special education
Ferley Jaramillo-Arenas Olympia Sr Business administration
Matthew S. Jarka * Puyallup Sr Computer science
Jennifer J. Jeffries Shelton Jr Accounting
Neal D. Jennings * Olympia Sr Criminal justice
Hilleary P. Jensen Lakewood Sr Elementary education
Barbara J. Johanson Lacey Jr Accounting
Brandon L. Johnson Centralia Jr Civil engineering
Elissa K. Johnson * Spanaway So Biology
Vicki Johnson-Calzadilla * Fort Lewis Sr Community services
Jennifer A. Johnston * Lacey Sr Psychology
Mike Johnston  Lacey Jr Business administration
Pamela K. Jones Lakewood Sr Psychology
Susan M. Jones * Fort Lewis Sr Criminal justice
Stancin L. Kahler Olympia Jr Psychology
Michael Kamrowski Lacey Sr Computer science
Beatrice Kapinga Lacey Jr History
Kathryn J. Kardas Centralia Sr Accounting
Christian B. Kecht * Olympia Jr Biology
Alethea M. Keith-Pyhala * Elma Sr Psychology
Robert S. Kemper McMinnville, OR Sr Business administration
James W. Kenan Jr. Lacey Jr Business administration 
Kelly G. Kimbel * Shelton Sr Psychology
Peter D. Kirbach * Olympia Sr Biology
Gina M. Klackner Tacoma Sr Music
Kathleen M. Kneeland Oakville Sr Biology
Krista M. Kook Olympia Jr Psychology
Mary R. Krieger * McChord AFB Sr Psychology
Wendy J. Krier Olympia Sr Psychology
Kristina K. Kuprienko * Chehalis Sr Biology
Angela M. Lacher Puyallup Sr Business administration
Matthew M. Lambrecht La Center Jr English
Elizabeth D. Lang * Shelton Sr Social studies
Jennifer J. Langer Lakewood Sr Elementary education
Angela A. Larson Cosmopolis Sr Accounting
Michelle D. Laski * Oregon City, OR. So Education
Jennifer M. Lathrop Lacey Sr Mathematics
Josie C. Lennard Portland, OR So Psychology
Bryan S. Leyster Olympia Sr Business administration
Charles E. Leyster * Olympia Jr Biology
Tauni M. Lisenbey Okanogan Sr Biology
Chris A. Longueira Lacey Jr Special education
Jonathan E. Love Gig Harbor Jr Psychology
Kelley M. Loveland Tacoma Sr Elementary education
Kazuaki Maeda Lakewood So Political science
Abigail Marcum Lacey So Psychology
Nathaniel R. Martinez McChord AFB Sr Criminal justice
Esther A. Mathison * Lacey Sr Psychology
Jonathan W. Maxion Olympia Jr Mechanical engineering
Heidi C. Mayberry Ft. Lewis Sr Psychology
Elise Mayes Camano Island So Education
David M. Maywhort Tacoma Sr Elementary education
Mallory M. McNicholas * Kelso So Undeclared
Wendy K. Mehia Fort Lewis Sr Criminal justice
Whitney P. Miazga Mill Creek So Undeclared
Jane Molenda Lakewood Sr Accounting
Angelica C. Monet Shelton Sr Accounting
Cesar A. Morales Olympia Sr Psychology
Maureen J. Moreland Olympia Fr Psychology
Michael S. Morris Olympia Sr Elementary education
Daniel K. Muraira Olympia Jr Business administration
Angela J. Naillon Onalaska Sr Psychology
Katherine A. Naismith Olympia Sr Business administration
Stephanie A. Neilson Onalaska Jr Elementary education
Calvin R. Neiswanger Tumwater So Business administration
Marthan Nelson * Olympia Jr Community services
Noelle S. Nelson Eatonville Sr Community services
Deborah A. Neu Fort Lewis Sr Business administration
Anna C. Newbury * Sumner Sr Biology
Cat-Uyen T. Nguyen Portland OR Sr Community services
Marc C. Nyberg * Fircrest Sr Criminal justice
Kathleen L. O’Neill Olympia Sr Religious studies
Angela O’Sullivan * Lacey Sr Community services
Brian K. O’Sullivan * Lacey Sr Business administration
Nicole M. Oberg Renton Jr Biology
Paul M. Oczkewicz Olympia Sr Accounting
Nesley R. Orochena Fort Lewis Jr Mechanical engineering
Aaron K. Palmer Olympia Jr Business administration
Peggy J. Parish * Olympia Sr Business administration
Bethany A. Partin Olympia So Elementary education
Daniela B. Payne * University Place Sr Business administration
Sarah A. Payne Tumwater Sr Psychology
Elizabeth D. Percefull Yelm Sr English
Maritsa Perez Tacoma Jr Business administration
Rossana Perez Fort Lewis Sr Psychology
Heahter M. Peters * Port Angeles So English
Amy D. Phillips Fort Lewis Jr Social studies
Nathan C. Pratt Redmond OR Sr Social studies
William G. Prescott * Tacoma Sr Computer science
Sarah J. Prindle Bonney Lake Sr Elementary education
Marisa M. Purcell Bucoda Sr Elementary education
Karen A. Rains Onalaska Sr English
Kimberly A. Rajcich Aberdeen Sr Elementary education
Cecil H. Ramsey Tenino Sr Mechanical engineering
Steven C. Rasmussen Puyallup Jr Elementary education
Briannon Rauck * Novato CA Sr Soc./cultural anthro.
Jodi T. Ray * Sumner Sr Elementary education
Amber N. Reiter Lakewood Sr Psychology
Beatrice M. Rembert Fort Lewis Sr Psychology
Christine M.l Reyna Olympia Jr Psychology
Sangsoon Richards DuPont Sr Psychology
Kathy L. Riker Shelton Jr Elementary education
Angela H. Rivera Lacey Sr Community services
Shelia M. Roberson Tacoma Sr Psychology
Louis R. Robertson Tacoma Sr Business administration
Lee E. Robinson * Ft. Lewis Sr Business administration
Tustiva T. Rowe Tacoma Sr Psychology
Lisa J. Rumsey * Olympia Sr Psychology
Robert C. Russell Lacey Sr Business administration
Patricia F. Rutledge Chehalis Sr English
Joni C. Sanchez Lacey Sr Business administration
Rex v. Santillan Lacey Sr Mechanical engineering
Lorena M. Saucedo Lakewood Sr Business administration
Yvette Savage Univ. Place Sr Business administration
Julie M. Schmidt * Lakewood Jr Criminal justice
Rebecca E. Schonwald Modesto, CA Jr Community services
Laura Schopen Olympia Sr Psychology
Mark B. Schutte Othello Fr Biology
Bryan M. Schwartz Mossyrock Jr Civil engineering
Wesley A. Seeman Olympia Sr Business administration
David L. Shanor Oregon City OR Sr Theatre arts
Erlinda F. Sharpe Olympia Sr Business administration
Stuart E. Skyles Yelm Sr Computer science
Chanelle M. Smith Lacey Sr Business administration
Kenyon K. Smith Makawao HI So Undeclared
Michael A. Smith * Olympia Sr Computer science
Sean R. Smith Lacey Sr Business administration
David R. Snellgrove Chehalis Sr Accounting
Amber L. Sommer Winthrop Jr Elementary education
Kyle D. Sprague Centralia Sr Education
Amy C. Stafford Tumwater Sr Community services
Laurie A. Stange Tumwater Sr Soc./cultural anthropology
Brian C. Stein Olympia Sr Chemistry
Daniel Stetler Spanaway Sr Business administration
Genevieve N. Stier Olympia Jr Biology
Craig E. Storey Spanaway Jr Religious studies
Maryann Sullivan Olympia Sr Elementary education
Malinda K. Swanson Olympia Sr Business administration
Jenifer M. Takase Puyallup Sr Mechanical engineering
Shoehei Taniguchi Lakewood Fr Undeclared
Maki Tanihara Lakewood Fr Undeclared
Sarah M. Teague Rainier Sr Political science
Emily B. Thomas * Dufur OR Sr Business administration
Amy L. Tigges Tacoma So Psychology
Joseph L. Toner Seattle Sr Business administration
Johnny L. Touchstone Puyallup Sr Business administration
My-Hanh T. Tran Lacey Sr Business administration
Sarah E. Trigg Olympia Sr Biology
Mike S. Trobman Olympia Jr Accounting
Joshua J. Troedel Yelm Sr Mechanical engineering
Debbie Trosper Olympia Sr English
Nina C. True Clatskanie OR So English
Jerome H. Tso Centralia Sr Biology
Lynn M. Tu * Olympia Jr Biology
Toni M. Tucker Fort Lewis Jr Psychology
Josh J. Turrell Bellingham Sr Accounting
Danilo R. Ugalde * Tacoma Sr Computer science
Timothy Underwood * Chehalis Sr Biology
Tiffany R. Updegraff Lacey Jr Psychology
Angela M. Vaandering * Forest Grove, OR Sr Accounting
Agnes A. Watkins * Tacoma Sr Community services
Andrea L. Watts McCleary Sr English
Mark West Lakewood Sr Computer science
Brian P. Weston Lacey Sr Elementary education
Sarah L. Wickstrom Olympia Sr Elementary education
Staci E. Wiese Olympia Sr Elementary education
Erin T. Wilkins * Univ. Place Sr Computer science
Amity C. Williamson * Fort Lewis Sr Psychology
Corina A. Wilson Centralia Jr Community services
Gerrit W. Wilson Tumwater Jr Civil engineering
Wendy W. Windham * Lacey Sr Accounting
Angela M. Woolsey Centralia So Chemistry
Mary M. Worthen Puyallup Sr Special education
Kurt P. Wright Fox Island Sr Mechanical engineering
Emily A. Yellowlees * Gig Harbor Sr Elementary education
Leslie H. Yonkers Lacey Sr Accounting
Jody M. Yucha Elma Sr Elementary education
Gerald T. Zerbe Lakewood Sr Business administration
Katie L. Zukowski Olympia Fr Undeclared

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Director, Office of Communication
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