Saint Martin's College announces fall semester 2004 Dean's List

Jan. 4, 2005

Lacey – The outstanding academic work of Saint Martin's College students from many areas has qualified them for the college’s fall semester 2004 Dean’s List.

To earn the academic honor, undergraduate students must receive a 3.5 grade point average or higher (based on a 4.0 scale), carry at least a 12-semester-hour course load and complete all coursework undertaken for the semester. Students who earned a perfect 4.0 (“A”) grade point average for spring semester have a star following their name.

Jared Adam, University Place, Junior,, Political science

Sara C. Adams,* Olympia, Senior, Elementary education

Christopher Adolphsen, Chehalis, Senior, Mechanical engineering

Andrew Albertson, Lacey, Sophomore, Business administration

Ingrid Anders, Olympia, Senior, Business administration

Elisa C. Anderson, Olympia, Junior, Elementary education

Robert K. Anderson, Lacey, Junior, Political science

Joe M. Andrade, Lakewood, Senior, Mechanical engineering

Alexandra Arasim,* Olympia, Senior, Psychology

Karin B. Arnold, Lacey, Senior, Criminal justice

Nichole R. Arnold, Tacoma, Junior, Education

Enrique Arvayo, Kent, Senior, Criminal justice

Jody Avalos,* Lacey, Senior, Elementary education

Jessica Avery, Raymond, Senior, Elementary education

Adam M. Baker, Scottsdale, Ariz., Freshman, Business administration

John P. Baker, Lakewood, Freshman, Undeclared

Kalynn Bales, Carlton, Ore., Senior, Elementary education

Paul Baltadonis, Lacey, Junior, Mechanical engineering

Christine R. Barker, University Place, Junior, Psychology

Steven D. Barker, Elma, Senior, Biology

Zachary Bauman, Tumwater, Freshman, Undeclared

Erin Baumgartner, Olympia, Senior, Business administration

Nicole Beatty,* Port Angeles, Junior, Education

Stephanie Beck, Tacoma, Junior, Social anthropology

Hararan Bedi, Olympia, Junior, Civil engineering

Leah Bedker, Tacoma, Senior, Psychology

John R. Beecher, Richland, Freshman, Undeclared

Jennifer Beerbower, Elma, Senior, Elementary education

Christy Belcher, McCleary Senior, Criminal justice

Jaime Belles, Sumner, Senior, Business administration

Gordon Bellevue,* Chehalis, Senior, Biology

Erik Benson, Olympia, Freshman, Religious Studies

Kelly L. Best, Tacoma, Sophomore, Civil engineering

Theressa Betrozoff, Olympia, Senior, Mathematics

Kaleigh Bishop, Stanwood, Freshman, Elementary education

Molly Bizzarri, Lacey, Sophomore, Psychology

Gregory Blackwell, Tacoma, Senior, Psychology

Jessica Bliss, Yelm, Senior, Psychology

Katelynn Blume,* Lacey, Sophomore, Chemistry

Steven Boedigheimer, Decatur, Ga. Senior, History

Jonathan Boehme, Gig Harbor, Senior, Civil engineering

Danielle Bollen, Olympia, Senior, Elementary education

Jana MacKinnon Bosworth,* Puyallup, Sophomore, Elementary education

Nathalie Bougenies,* Olympia, Freshman, Undeclared

Alida Bower, Onalaska, Freshman, Elementary education

Donald Bradetich,* Eugene, Ore., Junior, Mathematics

Maura Brady,* Tumwater, Junior, Psychology

Joseph Brandenburg,* Othello, Senior, Biology

Josh Brannin, Tenino,, Senior, Civil engineering

Lennon Bronsema, Sumas, Junior, Political science

Jacque Buchanan, Olympia, Senior, Business administration

Malyssah Bundy, Chehalis, Senior, Elementary education

Marni Burnsides, Lacey, Freshman, Education

Nikki Burwell, Fort Lewis, Senior, Education

Jason Cain, Olympia, Junior, Psychology

Lee D. Caldwell, Centralia, Senior, Psychology

Jeana Callicoat,* Olympia, Senior, Elementary education

Jason Callon, Prineville, Ore., Senior, Music

James Calverley, Olalla Senior, Mechanical engineering

Allen E. Cameron, Olympia, Junior, Psychology

Brendan Campbell, Silverdale, Freshman, Physical education

Linn Capek, Olympia, Senior, Special education

Anna Carlson, Olympia, Junior, Elementary education

Lori Carossini,* Aberdeen, Senior, Elementary education

Monica Carrier, Tacoma, Junior, Community services

Larry J. Cato, Boston Harbor, Senior, Criminal justice

Kennesy Cavanah, Montesano, Senior, Accounting

Inez Cedeno-Smith, Fort Lewis, Senior, Psychology

Halley B. Cey, Spokane, Freshman, Undeclared

Kathryn L. Cey, Spokane, Junior, Biology

William L. Charles, Olympia, Senior, Psychology

Kelly Chase,* Yelm, Freshman, Education

Stephanie Chastain, Tumwater, Senior, Business administration

Brent A. Christensen, Cottage Grove, Ore., Freshman, Undeclared

Marie A. Christensen, Gig Harbor, Sophomore, Psychology

Chelsi Claussen, Shelton, Junior, Biology

Michelle D. Coffey, Lacey, Senior, Biology

Terri Cohen, Aberdeen, Junior, Elementary education

Kimberli Colacini,* Lacey, Senior, Biology

Lisa Combs, Olympia, Junior, Elementary education

Jamie L. Cook,* Fort Lewis, Junior, Social studies

Sarah Corneil, Poulsbo, Sophomore, English

Sarah Coulson, Lacey, Junior, Education

Shawna L. Cox, Olympia, Junior, Psychology

Stacey Craig, Yelm, Senior, Psychology

Michelle R. Crawford,* Lacey, Senior, MBA

Andrea Comberland,* McChord AFB, Secondary education

John Cuskelly, Tumwater, Senior, Accounting

Kevin Davis, Spanaway, Freshman, Accounting

Chancy De Koker, Chehalis, Sophomore, History

Jasmine Devinney, Lacey, Junior, Business administration

Elena K. Dias, Haiku, Hawaii, Senior, Criminal justice

Linda A. Donohue,* Lacey, Senior, Psychology

Elizabeth Dorthalina, Battle Ground, Junior, Elementary education

Tarah N. Downs, Olympia, Junior, Social anthropology

Theron L. Downs, Oakville, Senior, Mechanical engineering

Jason Dressel, Puyallup, Senior, Business administration

Maureen Driscoll, Bothell, Junior, Psychology

Deborah Dunevant, Yelm, Junior, Community services

Jessie Dunnam, Kelso, Freshman, Education

Alicia Eaton-Davis,* Yelm, Senior, Biology

Shane Egner, Union, Junior, Mechanical engineering

Julia Eisentrout, Olympia, Senior, Political science

Leslie Ernst, Yelm, Junior, Education

Angela Eshelman, Puyallup, Senior, Accounting

Breanna Farka, Lacey, Junior, Business administration

Donna Fincke,* Olympia, Junior, Business administration

Chrisa FitzGerald, Lacey, Junior, Accounting

Krissy Fleming, Centralia, Senior, Theatre arts

Reece Forrester, Olympia, Sophomore, Psychology

Brandy R. Fox,* Centralia, Junior, Chemistry

Robin Frasier, Buckley, Junior, Elementary education

Joye Fratoni,* Puyallup, Sophomore, Psychology

Marie Gibson-Barnes, Yelm, Freshman, Education

Reyana Glass,* Salem, Ore., Freshman, Social anthropology

Melissa K. Goff, Olympia, Junior, Community services

Nathan P. Goff, Olympia, Junior, Community services

Whitney Golob, Olympia, Sophomore, Civil engineering

Lori A. Gonzalez,* Tumwater, Senior, Business administration

Susan Gotshall, Lacey, Junior, Elementary education

Linda Grant, Lacey, Senior, Political science

Dale Grauman, Cinebar Freshman, Undeclared

Lindsay Gray, Lacey, Senior, Business administration

Rachel Green, Lacey, Senior, Biology

Timothy Greenwood, Port Orchard, Freshman, Mechanical engineering

Marcella Griffin, Lakewood, Senior, Criminal justice

Dana L. Griffith, Tacoma, Freshman, Psychology

James Griffith,* Lacey, Junior, Accounting

Tanner Gronowski,* Eagle, Idaho, Freshman, Biology

Jonathan Guyton, Elma, Freshman, Undeclared

Ronald Haberkorn, Yelm, Junior, Mechanical engineering

Kelly Hacker, Lacey, Senior, Community services

Lisa M. Hall, Olympia, Sophomore, Undeclared

Kimberly Hamilton, Lacey, Junior, Business administration

Carly Hancock,* Tumwater, Senior, Elementary education

Juvy M. Hansen, Tacoma, Senior, Elementary education

Sarah Hanych, Puyallup, Senior, Psychology

Cristeen Harper,* Puyallup, Senior, Elementary education

Caleb Hartke,* Lacey, Sophomore, Civil engineering

Nicole Hatfield, Fort Lewis, Junior, Criminal justice

Donna Hattel, Elma, Senior, Elementary education

Mary Hein, University Place, Senior, Mechanical engineering

Alexandra Hernandez, Fort Lewis, Senior, Business administration

Jennifer Hershey,* Forks Junior, Psychology

Dennis Hidalgo, Lahaina, Hawaii, Sophomore, Biology

John E. Hill, Lacey, Junior, Civil engineering

Heather Hocking, Long Beach Sophomore, Political science

Andrew Holt, Kingston Freshman, Mechanical engineering

Janice L. Horton, Montesano, Junior, Civil engineering

Alicia Howell, Lacey, Senior, Criminal justice

Shili Hu Yue, Qing, China, Junior, Business administration

Joshua Hulbert, Shelton, Junior, Computer science

Betty Ingram,* Elma, Senior, Business administration

Emily Jebb, Olympia, Freshman, Undeclared

Amy M. Jenkins, Lakewood, Senior, Psychology

Codie Jenkins, Ocean Park Freshman, Undeclared

Robert C. Jensen, Lacey, Sophomore, Criminal justice

Brianne John, Kent, Senior, Elementary education

Elissa K. Johnson,* Lacey, Senior, Biology

Robin K. Johnson, Olympia, Senior, Social studies

Vanessa R. Johnson, Bellevue, Senior, Biology

Robin Just,* Lakewood, Senior, Psychology

Chikako Kaneto, Lakewood, Senior, Social anthropology

Martina Kartikova, Lacey, Senior, Business administration

William Keeney, Lacey, Senior, Psychology

Cheryl L. King, Tacoma, Junior, Elementary education

Sara Kinkead,* Poulsbo Sophomore, Elementary education

Jennifer Knopp,* Lacey, Junior, Psychology

Diana Ko, Lacey, Junior, Business administration

Marci Kolodzie, Aberdeen, Senior, Psychology

Kalli Konopaski,* Port Angeles, Sophomore, Biology

Cathy Krauss, Olympia, Senior, Business administration

Nicholas Kucharik, Grants Pass, Ore., Sophomore, Religious studies

Bridget Lacey, Roy, Senior, Elementary education

Melicia Lara, Lakewood, Senior, Criminal justice

Stacey Larson, Tacoma, Freshman, education

Marissa Lasen, Lacey, Freshman, Psychology

Jennifer Lawton,* Olympia, Senior, Elementary education

Elizabeth Layton, Lacey, Junior, Biology

Samuel Leiren, Olympia, Senior, Civil engineering

Felise Leonard, Lacey, Junior, Marketing

Brittany Levesque, Lacey, Sophomore, Business administration

Veronica Lewis, Steilacoom, Senior, Criminal justice

Charles E. Leyster, Lacey, Senior, Biology

Chris W. Leyster, Olympia, Senior, Biology

Kimberly Leyster, Tumwater, Freshman, Biology

Tana Lingl, Auburn, Sophomore, Business administration

Ruby M. Lopez, Tacoma, Junior, Biology

Jaime Lowry, Olympia, Senior, Psychology

Joseph Maciel, Olympia, Junior, Business administration

Erick Mahugh, Elma, Senior, Civil engineering

Teresa Marbut,* Hoquiam, Senior, Religious Studies

Anna Marchesano, Tenino,, Junior, Psychology

Sharon Marston, Graham, Sophomore, Education

Rachel Martelle, Lakewood, Senior, Psychology

Ronda Martens, McChord AFB, Senior, Social studies

Shannon L. Martin, Lacey, Senior, English

Tina M. Mason, Lacey, Senior, Elementary education

Richard Mathison, Lacey, Senior, Business administration

Takuya Matsumoto, Lakewood, Junior, Social anthropology

Jeramie Maupin, Hoquaim Senior, Mathematics

Catherine Maurseth, Portland, Ore., Freshman, English

Elise Mayes, Camano Island Senior, Elementary education

Teresa McDaniel, Olympia, Junior, Business administration

Marquita McDonald, Olympia, Junior, Community services

Kimberlee McDonnell, Bonney Lake Senior, English

Karen McGovern, Olympia, Senior, Elementary education

Haley McInnes, Port Angeles, Senior, Elementary education

Kathleen McMakin, Tacoma, Senior, Business administration

Katie McNallie, Rochester, Senior, Elementary education

Mallory McNicholas,* Kelso Senior, Biology

James E. Mead, Olympia, Senior, Elementary education

Bianca Medina, Tacoma, Senior, Elementary education

Rachel Mendell, Olympia, Senior, Psychology

Whitney Miazga, Mill Creek Senior, Mathematics

Michael E. Miller, Silverdale Junior, Mechanical engineering

Kazuya Miyashita,* Steilacoom, Senior, Political science

Dako Monzili, Tumwater, Junior, Biology

Sharon W. Moody, Spanaway, Senior, Psychology

Ashley A. Moore,* Olympia, Freshman, Elementary education

Nicholas Morris, Lacey, Freshman, Undeclared

Keana Morrisey, University Place, Junior, History

Steven D. Morse, Lakewood, Senior, Criminal justice

Joseph Moss, Lacey, Senior, Biology

Katherine Moyer, Rochester, Sophomore, Accounting

Danny Myers, Olympia, Senior, Mechanical engineering

Kristen Napiontek, Shelton, Senior, Business administration

Krishanna Nass,* Scappoose, Ore., Junior, Elementary education

Patti S. Nelson, University Place, Junior, Psychology

Elizabeth Nguyen, Fort Lewis, Junior, Business administration

Hollyn Nilson, Mineral Sophomore, Biology

Jessica Nixon, Eatonville Senior, Education

Richard O'Neill, Edmonds Freshman, Criminal justice

Travis Ochsner, Shelton, Junior, Biology

Dawn Okrasinski,* Yelm, Senior, Psychology

Rachel E. Olivas, Shelton, Junior, Psychology

Steven C. Olson, Tenino,, Freshman, Elementary education

Tu Ong, Lacey, Sophomore, Biology

Tracy Oppedahl, Shelton, Senior, Elementary education

Carlos Pagan, Nazareth, Penn. Sophomore, Psychology

Jessica Pagoria, Puyallup, Senior, Business administration

Thomas Parrett, Shelton, Junior, Elementary education

Jennifer Pasion,* Lacey, Senior, Elementary education

Stephen Payne, Olympia, Senior, Mechanical engineering

Christian Pearson, Walla Walla, Sophomore, Biology

Heather Peters, Port Angeles, Senior, English

Jenny L. Peterson,* Spokane, Junior, Psychology

Toni L. Peterson, Tacoma, Junior, Elementary education

Andy J. Phelps, Lacey, Junior, Criminal justice

Jason G. Phelps, Pe Ell Senior, Civil engineering

Sarah Post, McChord AFB, Junior, Psychology

Jason Prather,* Onalaska, Senior, Social studies

Aileen Pratt, Lacey, Junior, Accounting

Andrew Prentice, Nine-Mile Falls Senior, Business administration

Janelle Probst, Mead, Freshman, Undeclared

Michelle Ramsaur, Olympia, Senior, Education

Melissa R. Rees,* Tumwater, Junior, Music

Shawn S. Rees, Olympia, Junior, English

Benjaporn Reese, Olympia, Senior, Business administration

Brent Reynolds, Olympia, Senior, Business administration

Kerstin Rhoads, Rochester, Senior, Accounting

Stephanie Rhodes-Kellogg-Seymour,* Olympia, Senior, Special education

Susan E. Rice,* Olympia, Senior, Mathematics

Carter M. Richards, Lacey, Senior, Biology

Cary Richardson, Olympia, Sophomore, Community services

Brandi Riel, Lacey, Senior, Special education

Kathy Riker, Shelton, Senior, Elementary education

Amber Ritchie,* Olympia, Senior, Psychology

Yasmin Rivera, Fort Lewis, Freshman, Business administration

Kitty Roberts,* Elma, Senior, History

Michael J. Robinson, Olympia, Senior, Civil engineering

Mary C. Roe,* Shelton, Senior, Elementary education

Tanya Rontos,* Olympia, Senior, Mathematics

Megan L. Ross,* Olympia, Sophomore, Elementary education

Thomas Rowswell, Lacey, Junior, Mathematics

Joshua Russell, Federal Way, Junior, Mechanical engineering

John Sabolchy, Lakewood, Senior, Mechanical engineering

Daisuke Sakamoto, Japan, Freshman, Undeclared

Sothear Sam, Olympia, Junior, Biology

Galilee Samuels, Olympia, Senior, Music

Caroline Samuelson,* Tacoma, Junior, Elementary education

Danna Sanders, Moses Lake, Junior, Elementary education

Heather Sankey, SeaTac, Senior, Psychology

Timothy Sarkela, Tumwater, Sophomore, Civil engineering

Nicole Saviers, Olympia, Junior, Psychology

Julie Saville, Lacey, Senior, Criminal justice

Rachelle Schmid,* Lacey, Senior, Elementary education

Nicole Schueneman-Dobrinski, Lakewood, Sophomore, Undeclared

Karen A. Scott, Olympia, Junior, Social studies

Stephanie E. Scott,* Fort Lewis, Junior, Psychology

Mary Ann Seiler, Rainier, Junior, Elementary education

Jane P. Sharp,* Hoquiam, Senior, Education

Janie Shelby, Tacoma, Junior, Psychology

Eric Shields, Puyallup, Senior, Business administration

Brian Shrader,* Dupont, Junior, Business administration

Allen J. Sims, Spanaway, Junior, Political science

Kathy Skaar, Tacoma, Senior, Elementary education

Heather Skillingstead, Longview, Junior, Psychology

Jody Smetak, Olympia, Senior, Psychology

Kenyon K. Smith, Makawao, Hawaii, Senior, Political science

Lance W. Smith, Puyallup, Senior, Business administration

Maki B. Smith, Seattle, Sophomore, Psychology

Toni A. Snyder, McChord AFB, Junior, Criminal justice

Michael Soha, Tenino, Sophomore, Mechanical engineering

David Solis, Olympia, Junior, History

Jordan Spencer, Castle Rock Junior, Criminal justice

Lydia Stanbery, Steilacoom, Junior, English

Caroline Statler, Tenino, Sophomore, Elementary education

Mark Stead, Lacey, Senior, Biology

Teana Sterr, Kent, Freshman, Special education

Dana Stone,* Lacey, Sophomore, Biology

Edie Stulken,* Centralia, Junior, Psychology

Brian Suda, Grants Pass, Ore., Junior, Humanities

Migdalia Summerville, Lakewood, Senior, Elementary education

Angela Swails, Yelm, Senior, Accounting

Elizabeth Syverson-Gamache, Lakewood, Junior, Biology

Crystal Talbot, Tacoma, Senior, Business administration

Maki Tanihara, Steilacoom, Junior, Religious Studies

Tyler Tebay, Pasco, Senior, Biology

Antonia Terhune, Olympia, Freshman, Undeclared

Curtis Thibault,* Cashmere, Sophomore, Computer science

Phillip D. Thomas, Port Orchard, Freshman, Mechanical engineering

Nathan E. Thompson,* Puyallup, Senior, Elementary education

Tamara L. Thompson, Spanaway, Junior, Elementary education

Amy Tigges, Fort Lewis, Senior, Psychology

Caleb J. Timmer, Tacoma, Junior, Civil engineering

Joshua N. Timmer, Tacoma, Junior, Mechanical engineering

Andrew Tobin, Bothell, Sophomore, Undeclared

Jennifer Todd, Olympia, Senior, Elementary education

David Tomblison, Olympia, Senior, Business administration

Hoang-Dat Tran, Olympia, Freshman, Biology

Justyne Trautman, Olympia, Junior, Education

Doug A. Troyer, Union, Senior, Computer science

Nina True, Clatskanie, Ore., Senior, English

Hiroshi Tsuda, Steilacoom, Junior, Social anthropology

Ariana Ulrich, Olympia, Junior, English

Carmella Upshur, Lakewood, Junior, Accounting

Nickelson Valcin, Tacoma, Senior, Psychology

Jamie Van Foeken,* Elma, Senior, Elementary education

Stacie Vaughan, Elma, Senior, Business administration

Tiffany Volkman, Hoquiam, Junior, Accounting

Karin Wagner, Lakewood, Junior, Psychology

Cory Waite, Roy, Senior, Social studies

David R. Walker, Lacey, Junior, Psychology

Alisha D. Ward,* Fort Lewis, Senior, Elementary education

Ashley A. Ward, Olympia, Senior, Psychology

Danika Washington,* Lacey, Sophomore, Civil engineering

Enjoli T. Washington, Tacoma, Freshman, Undeclared

Lynne Watanabe, Lacey, Freshman, Biology

Ana Watson, Yelm, Junior, Community services

Karen Waznis, Avondale, Ariz., Sophomore, Elementary education

Megan Riley Welch,* Cosmopolis, Senior, Elementary education

Derek W. White, Spanaway, Freshman, Psychology

Beecher Whiteaker,* Fort Lewis, Senior, Biology

Gurtis Whitworth,* Lakewood, Senior, Psychology

Robin Wilbur, Spanaway, Sophomore, Mathematics

Nathan Willard, Lacey, Junior, Criminal justice

Deneise L. Williams, Olympia, Sophomore, Business administration

Luke F. Williams, Lacey, Senior, Computer science

Steve C. Williams, Lacey, Junior, Business administration

Casey Winchell, Shelton, Senior, Business administration

Taylor Wonhoff, South Bend Sophomore, Political science

Patricia R. Wood,* Yelm, Senior, Criminal justice

Bradley Woodcock, Montesano, Senior, Social anthropology

Deborah Woodley, Tacoma, Senior, Psychology

Seth A. Woods, Lacey, Sophomore, Biology

Craig Woodworth, Lacey, Junior, Psychology

Erik Workman, Bonney Lake Junior, Business administration

LijinYu, Shanghai, China Junior, Undeclared

Jin “Stacey” Zhang, Shanghai, China Junior, Undeclared

Mary Law

Deanna Partlow
Office of Communication