Upcoming Minds on Millennium lecture explores family history

Feb. 24, 2005

Lacey, Wash. – Fact can be more entertaining than fiction, especially when you learn the details of your own family’s history. Niels Skov, Ph.D., who served with the Danish underground during World War II and wrote a book recounting his experiences, will take a look at the intriguing world of genealogy and tell some of his own story March 10 at the next Minds on the Millennium lecture series presentation.

In a talk entitled “Kings in Your Ancestry?,” Skov will discuss genealogy – the study of family pedigrees – and what can be extracted from a name, with a view to history, resources and reliability.

Skov, a resident of Panorama City, is the author of the book, “Letter to My Descendants,” which tells of the four death-defying years he spent during World War II as a saboteur, or terrorist, in the Danish anti-Nazi underground. He came to the United States in 1947 as an immigrant. After a career in corporate management and founding a successful international consulting firm, he earned his master’s and doctoral degrees at Oregon State University. From 1972 to 2002, he taught at The Evergreen State College.

His lecture will be at 1:30 p.m. at Panorama City’s Quinault Auditorium, 1835 Circle Lane. It is the third presentation of this season’s Minds on the Millennium, a free public lecture series given by Saint Martin’s and Panorama City to promote intellectual conversation and a lively exchange of ideas.

For more information, please call the college at (360) 491-4700.

Richard Langill
Professor, political science

Deanna Partlow
Office of Communication