Saint Martin’s University presents “An Evening Of One-Act Plays”

Sept. 23, 2005

Lacey – The Saint Martin’s University department of theatre arts will present “An Evening of One-Act Plays” from Oct. 11-15 at the university’s Kreielsheimer Arts Education Building, 5300 Pacific Avenue S.E.

Three plays are being performed: “Variations on the Death of Trotsky” and “Universal Language” both by David Ives, and “The Feast” by Daniel Wright. Performances start at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are at the door and are $10; $6 for students and seniors. A pay-what-you-will performance will be given Wednesday, Oct. 12.

- “Variations on The Death of Trotsky” imagines the famous Russian revolutionary on the day of his murder, desperately trying to cope with the mountain-climber’s axe he’s discovered in his head, said David Hlavsa, who chairs the department of theatre arts.

- “The Feast” revolves around two construction workers celebrating the richness and mourning the transience of their lives.

- “Universal Language” brings together Dawn, a young woman with a stutter, and Don, the creator and teacher of Unamunda, a wild comic language. Their lesson sends them off into a dazzling display of hysterical verbal pyrotechnics—and, of course, true love, Hlavsa said.

For more information, please call the University’s department of theatre arts at 360-438-4345.

David Hlavsa
Associate professor, Theatre Arts

John DeWeese
Assistant media coordinator